Are you wanting to update your cannabis essentials and want to know what you should be including? Do you feel as though you are a bit behind on the times and want to know what accessories you should be keeping with you when it comes to your cannabis collection?

Cannabis is a plant with many uses, and these have been known for centuries. The consumption of cannabis has been shown to improve the quality of life in some areas. What many people don’t know, however, is that it’s not just about smoking marijuana anymore! For example, You need a good source for finding marijuana seeds if you plan to grow your own plants. You also want to make sure your equipment supports your needs so finding the right accessories is essential to the experience.

There are all sorts of ways that you can use cannabis from vaping to edibles to even topical products. To get the most out of your experience with this amazing plant, there are some accessories you might want to consider adding to your collection. Here are 6 cannabis essentials you should look into.

Travel Case

When it comes to cannabis consumption, many people take into consideration the big things they might need, but a lot of people tend to forget about the smaller essentials that you should have to make the process more streamlined and seamless.

First up on our list, we have a travel case. While for those who are just going to smoke at home, a travel case might not seem like a necessity, they are great for anyone. A travel case is a great way for you to store all of your essentials and keep them in one place without losing anything.

Having a travel case means that you can just throw it in your bag when you are heading out for the day and won’t have to worry about getting all of your bits and pieces together because everything is already in one place.

Rolling Papers

Next up on our list, we have rolling papers. For those who are smokers and enjoy a joint here and there, rolling papers are crucial. Without these rolling papers, you can’t roll a joint.

They are not very expensive and are quite easy to find. A vast selection of custom rolling papers is available in a wide range of colours and designs, numbering in the hundreds.. Rolling papers are crucial when it comes to smoking joints. It is also a great thing to keep around if you run out of product for your dab rig or vape and want to smoke something before you go and buy some more concentrate.


For those who use marijuana for any product, having a grinder is something you can’t miss out on. Whether it’s rolling a joint, or even packing a bong, you need to make sure that you grind your weed before you smoke it, and using a high-quality grinder is a must, and many are available online, such as at DankStop.

There are so many different reasons as to why you need to do this, but the biggest reason is that when you grind the weed finer, you allow for the heat to penetrate on a much larger surface area, and therefore get the absolute most out of your weed possible.


For those who have run out of rolling papers and filters, another great way to consume your marijuana is through a bong. This makes it something you should add to your kit of essentials.

Bongs are a great way to consume marijuana. They are very similar to smoking but require half the effort and half the time to consume it. If you are in a rush and just want a hit, a bong is a way to go.


If you are someone who struggles with rolling joints or even getting enough weed into them, then a packer is exactly what you need. As a beginner, rolling joints can be tricky to get a hang of, and these packers not only make it easier for you to fill the cons but also to pack enough in them to make a reasonable joint.

This is a great product to have in your kit of essentials as it will make your life that much quicker and easier when it comes to rolling joints and you will have a perfectly rolled joint every single time.

Having a packer just makes it so much easier to roll a joint and not make a mess all over the place.