If, like this chap, you are none too happy with your beard, take some grooming tips from these well-known sports stars

Winter nights are setting in and Movember is in full swing, meaning that more and more gentlemen in the northern hemisphere are beginning to ditch their razors and electric shavers as they start the process of growing that beard or moustache that they always dreamed of having.

But where to start? Should you simply start growing your facial hair haphazardly and just hope for the best?

Well, no, because as many gents and long-suffering girlfriends will know, not all facial hair is made equal, meaning that sometimes it can be wise to take some inspiration and advice from those in the know.

That is why we have put together this article packed full of examples of beard and moustache styles, as sported by pro athletes.

Andrea Pirlo – The Pensive Footballing Genius

Sometimes the way genes are doled out just is not fair. How is it possible that Andrea Pirlo was not only gifted extraordinary footballing ability, but was also bestowed with a jawline and beard that a Greek god would be proud of?

We suspect the answer to this question will forever remain a mystery, but one thing is for sure; the former Italian international turned Juventus manager has one of the best beards in sport, which he frames perfectly with flowing locks and sharp suits.

It is his attention to detail in other areas, such as his hairstyle, fashion sense, and skincare that mean Pirlo’s beard stands out from the crowd. It would be remiss of you not to do the same.

Philipp Gruissem – The Poker Professor

Another group of sportsmen who know a thing or two about keeping their grooming game on point are professional poker players, many of whom use the power of their beards to convey confidence and superiority at the poker table.

Some of the best beards and moustaches on the world’s biggest poker tours belong to the likes of Americans Alex Keating and Jason Mercier, who both grow their beards out to the max to get that sacred lumberjack look.

However, our favourites tend to be those players who like to cast themselves as the green felt professors, combining designer eyewear with precision grooming. Philipp Gruissem was one such player who developed a truly villainous top lip covering. Another top player who is also known for experimenting with moustache and beard combos is the man referred to as the Bald Eagle, Steve Zolotow.

It is unclear whether any of these facial hairstyles have directly benefited these players at the tables, but it certainly gives them a unique look to show off when they set foot outside the card rooms of Las Vegas and Macau.


Caption: The lumberjack look is making a strong comeback this winter, but can it ever really go out of fashion?

James Harden – The MVP of All Sporting Beards

When a beard becomes an intrinsic part of your image and brand as a sports star, it is even riskier to shave it off.

That is the constant dilemma faced by NBA baller James Harden. The key to his full and shapely beard has been revealed by his personal barber, who insists that Harden hydrate his beard with a special beard cream every night before going to bed.

He also says that combing is key if you want to really make sure your beard forms the style and shape you crave.

Conor McGregor – Beard Styles that Always Deliver a KO

There are persistent rumours that not content with having his head bounced around by Floyd Mayweather, MMA star Conor McGregor is now ready to step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

When you face someone like the dreaded Pacman, it certainly pays to have a sturdy beard to absorb some of the blows. The Irish hero certainly has that part of his game down to a fine art.

Throughout his career in the UFC octagon, he was renowned for combining loud outfits with amazingly varied facial hairstyles. It is no accident that a man who works out as much as McGregor can grow a thick and lush beard because the increased serotonin and testosterone levels that exercise produces in his body encourages hair growth.

So, get yourself down to the gym and watch your beard fill out into a true work of art!