The Growing Diversity Of UK Gaming Habits

The Growing Diversity Of UK Gaming Habits

Gamers have long since been subject to some unfair stereotypes. The classic image in many people’s minds when asked to picture a “gamer” is someone usually male, usually young, and often unsuccessful in romantic ventures.

Whilst stereotypes are of course based on a modicum of truth, this simplified view of the modern gaming community fails to recognise the vastly expanded market of video gaming consumers which has developed substantially over the last decade or so.

Video game producers and developers are run as profit-making ventures like any other business, and it is a testament to the efforts of the industry to expand the appeal of their products that video gaming has grown into a market worth in the region of $150 billion.

Gaming Market

For a long time, developers fully embraced the perceived mostly male gaming market and produced titles to appeal directly to men, typically featuring various villains being dispatched in violent fashion with an array of wonderful weapons. However, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to work out that by appealing only to men, developers were missing out on business from the other half of the population.

Over the last decade or so, therefore, the gender disparity in gaming communities has almost disappeared, as developers produce and market games to appeal directly to women. One such example is the Animal Crossing series which boasts a mostly younger female audience. By widening the appeal of gaming across the gender spectrum, video games have become as ferocious a hobby for women as they are for the traditional male market.

Older women are also increasingly turning to game for entertainment, and this has been highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic with increasing numbers of the population stuck inside and searching for new entertainment.



Tablet and mobile-based games prove popular with women over 55, and online casino and bingo titles have found particular success in this age bracket. Casino games like the Starburst slot, that has been designed specifically to attract female players, have witnessed a huge surge in popularity during recent months, particularly in the UK. Given the success of this title, there is no even a number of  Starburst free spins UK no deposit offers as casino brands look to cash in.

Ultimately, video games have only been around for a comparatively short time when compared to other media and entertainment like film, television, and literature, and therefore the cultural and societal spread of gaming is still an emerging phenomenon. As technology like mobile devices and portable consoles continue to become both more widespread and accessible, the market for video gaming will expand into even more uncharted territory.

Additionally, the first generation of gamers are themselves now in middle adulthood and have had children of their own. Gaming is now a true multi-generational hobby, and there is no reason why gaming enthusiasts, whether male or female, will stop enjoying gaming into their old age. Protection Status

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