There is nothing quite as discouraging as looking in the mirror and seeing that your hairline is vanishing into oblivion. It can be difficult to see that lovely mane replaced with a shiny scalp all too soon. 

For many micropigmentation offers the answer and can provide people with a very realistic style when they lose their hair. And though the cost of scalp micropigmentation can seem high, it’s really worthy of consideration and many men really recommend it. So, while this intrusion in your life can be a surprise, it doesn’t have to be an unwelcome one.  

If you decide against micropigmentation then the right hairstyle and some helpful hair products can even things out and give you and your hair a new lease on life.  

It all begins with finding the right style to match your new looks. We have gone ahead and reviewed some of the best haircuts for receding hairlines. While these will do nothing to restore your hair, they can certainly present the hair you have in the best possible way. Reinventing your look and style is part of reinventing yourself which always opens up new and exciting opportunities.  

1. Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is a sharp and serious look for all seasons, but you will be especially happy with this cool and clean feeling style during the spring and summer.  This short hairstyle is an especially good idea for flattering a receding hairline by keeping everything short and uniform. Furthermore, it is an especially badass look for all types of men. Another great advantage of this look is that it is especially low maintenance. All you need is some good clippers and you can take care of this yourself.  

2. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk 

The Faux Hawk is the slightly less ostentatious version of the Mohawk and another great option for men with a receding hairline. This is great for those receding hairlines that take on that typical “M” formation. Since you still have that center strip of good hair, take full advantage and emphasize what remains.  Different types of hair can be treated with hair pastes, waxes, and other hair care products to make this considerably badass hairstyle a little more subtle and sexy. 

3. Fringe

Pompadours and other styles that require your hair to be pulled back will do nothing to compliment your receding hairline. Instead, think of all the wonderful iterations of the fringe cut. This hairstyle is typically shorter on the sides and longer on the top. Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders has a great example of a no-nonsense fringe and undercut. To add style and fringe to your haircut, spray the hair with Men’s Sea Salt Spray. Then blow-dry and add men’s hair clay so that it will retain its form. 

4. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

If you are looking for a classic look that can flatter a receding hairline, the crew cut is simple, sharp, and very masculine. The best thing is that you would have a hard time finding a man who couldn’t pull off this look perfectly. Did you know that the crew cut was inspired by a member of the Yale professional rowing team back in the 1920s, Jock Whitney. From that date until now, the crew cut has demonstrated enormous popularity throughout a century of fluctuations in style and fashion. 

You can then give your crew cut a more modern feel by adding a high skin fade and balancing this with a beard that matches your face shape. The fade will make the hair on the top of your head feel thicker and the beard adds a focal point that makes the whole look more mysterious and interesting.  

5. Comb Over

combover haircut

The comb-over is one hairstyle that has generally been given a negative portrayal. But this is mostly because it is the simplest way to address a receding hairline and is not always applied properly or with proper haircuts. Nevertheless, the combover is expected to make a considerably large comeback over the coming years and there has never been a better time to get ahead of the game. The combover shouts bravado and professionalism. Make sure you have the right hair products online and use plenty of hair putty that provides that strong hold that lasts all day. Be careful with this look though, if you feel that it is not looking GREAT, consider opting for a shorter hairstyle.  

6. Medium-Length Hair

If you still have thick hair, a receding hairstyle may seem like a cruel joke, but there is good news. Your thick hair makes it possible to take advantage of a wide range of other suitable hairstyles.  Just grow your locks out and allow them to hang down to your temples. With a masterful style, no one will ever notice the deception.