It isn’t new that most men still struggle with fashion and take some time before they develop an individual taste and style that really makes the people around them go wow! If you’re one of these men who are still on their journey into discovering what works (and what doesn’t) for their body type and taste, don’t worry because we’ve put together this list to help you out in the meantime! The next time you have a day out with your date and you can’t figure out what to wear, go through this article and we assure you that you’ll be able to look effortlessly stunning and sweep anyone off their feet! Let’s dive right into it.

1. Invest in clothes that flatter your figure

One of the most common reasons why men feel like they don’t look good in fancy or stylish clothes is because they aren’t wearing the right fits that flatter their figure. It doesn’t matter if you’re extremely lean or wear larger clothes—with the right fit and styling, you’ll be able to pull off numerous outfits! To begin with, start by analyzing what kind of figure you have, and what kind of clothes will look good on the same figure.

Let’s make this easier for you—do you have a lean figure, moderately narrow shoulders, and aren’t too tall or lanky? Check out the everyday basic outfits of models who look similar, or even actors (like Tom Holland) and start looking out for similar clothes as this will most likely suit your body as well!

2. Invest in a set of good shoes

Though most men prefer wearing the same pair of sneakers for all their outfits, this may not look the most flattering, and can sometimes end up ruining a good outfit! The best way to ensure that you do justice to your amazing wardrobe is by investing in at least 3 pairs of shoes that suit different aesthetics and styles. For example, having a pair of Alexander Mcqueen shoes for men will be the best way to style your basic and casual clothes—when you’re going out with a few friends or to a movie, as they happen to look great with jeans and are also extremely comfortable.

Owning a pair of Oxfords will make it easier for you to wear formal pants and a shirt without looking too formal or dressed up either. Finally, having slides will be the best way to wear shorts when you’re heading out for a fun day at the beach or running to the store.

3. Start with the basics and go forward

Begin by buying clothes, trousers, and shoes in the most basic colours – black, white, blue, and any other colour that you feel looks good on you. Once you’ve built a basic wardrobe, begin exploring with different prints and patterns. You can easily find checked pants that look great on you or a floral shirt that goes well with your sneakers. To take your outfit to the next level you can even wear matching apparel with your sneakers from

4. Add accents to feel great!

Having a great cologne will help you get the confidence boost you deserve! You can also find other classic pieces to add to your accessories—watches, sunglasses, wristbands, ties, belts, funky socks, and whatnot! The best way to look your best is by experimenting until you begin a trend of your own, so don’t be afraid to go out of your shell and find out what works best for you!