Footwear for Healthy Feet – A Guide to Happy Feet

Footwear for Healthy Feet – A Guide to Happy Feet

Our feet are the most hardworking organ of our body. It carries the entire burden of your body and still, it is neglected the most. Make your feet happy with shoes that properly fit and provide comfort to reduce sore feet and other feet problems. Choose the right pair of shoes to pamper your soft feet.

Points to be Kept in Mind before Buying Shoes

Shoes are not a common norm with new styles and the latest trending fashion that rule the market every day. It not only protect our feet but also give it a unique look. According to history, shoes were designed exclusively for athletes but gradually it changed its form. A new revolution is experienced from simple flip flops to athletic shoes to the latest LED shoes for men and women.

Shoes should be only associated with style and latest trending fashion compromising on an individual’s comfort level. But along with style, it is important to keep in mind some points that will be helpful to render healthy feet.

Footwear for Healthy Feet - A Guide to Happy Feet

Hard Surface Leads To Foot Pain

When you are standing on hard surfaces, your feet will certainly start paining after some time. Don’t opt for shoes with hard soles rather go for the softer soles. The shape of your feet is not flat so standing on flat surfaces causes stress that may lead to foot pain and other problems. Wear supportive shoes that provide a cushion-like experience by adhering to the shape of your feet.

Try Wearing Lace Up Boots

Laces up boots are designed as such to maintain the alignment of the leg so that the feet muscles and ligaments have an equal amount of pressure placed on it. As a demerit, lace-up boots restrict your ankle joint movement. But make sure you wear boots that are ankle length and are comfortably tied around the front of the ankle with a padded tongue located at the centre. The biggest advantage of lace-up boots is that it reduces sore feet.

High Heels Are A Torture To Your Feet

Women love wearing sexy heeled shoes that might be beautiful to look at but are torture for the feet. These types of shoes don’t give a comfortable position to your feet which in turn also provides an unbalance to your body. Walking in heels for a longer duration may cause unnecessary stress to your neck and back resulting in permanent postural changes.

Wearing high heel shoes at a regular interval is painful as well as harmful for the feet as well as the body. Such type of footwear creates pressure on the forefoot, forming calluses (hardened skin). The toes may also suffer from permanent deformity, bunions, hardened nails and more. These things can make walking painful and may also form shoe bites.

Play Sports With Proper Footwear

While playing sports, proper sports shoes are required. Sports shoes come with a comfy cushion for shock cushioning while running, jumping. Standard sports footwear allows you to bend easily and is helping to support your legs from continuous leg movements.

Comfy Inserts and Insoles

A proper shoe insert provides better comfort and support to the body. Improve your foot posture with comfortable shoe inserts. Shoe insoles found in sport’s shoes is a soft material comprising of a generic arch shape. It doesn’t get moulded but it quite useful to decrease foot pain. Insoles are designed to divide the bodyweight away from painful foot areas and help to change foot posture.

Adding an arch support orthotic insole for flat feet and pronated feet will improve your foot alignment and make your feet more comfortable when standing throughout the day.

Change Your Shoes At Regular Intervals

It is advisable to change your shoes every day. Alternating shoes helps to change the posture of your feet to redistribute the load of the joints and muscles. This also helps to keep your shoes providing better breathability. Changing your footwear renders the foam cushion to rebound and will increase its longevity.

4 Components to Look in a Shoe

Don’t compromise on these four components when buying a shoe. These may sound a bit uncool and unstylish but it is very important to know what a good shoe should carry.

  • Your shoes should be parallel with the ground. This category includes heeled shoes that have a great rage among women.
  • A spacious toe box to comfortably spread your toes so that your foot lands on the ground.
    A flexible bottom that allows the toes to bend at a full 90 degrees with each step.
  • A soft material that attaches with your ankle area.


Heels look great but they also have an adverse effect in the latter stages. Following celebrities wearing stylish footwear may turn into a nightmare resulting in painful legs which might take months to heal. Walk comfortably with flats or sandals and try on a cool pair of high heels during some occasions and not every day.

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