The Great Frog – Defines What A Stylish Bike Rider Is

The Great Frog – Defines What A Stylish Bike Rider Is

Leather monogram biker wallet

If one company is setting the trend and leading the way, when it comes to the stylish rider – then it has to be an edgy store called The Great Frog. I am referring to a  niche clientele of rockers, bikers and those on the edge of mainstream motorbike fashion. I have to admit that whilst waiting for the owner to emerge from of his office, I was expecting an upgrade version of Hells Angels. Assumption can be a very dangerous thing. So,  it was sweet to see that a very gentle non-stereotypical biker called, Reino Lehtonen-Riley appeared. This guy lives, breathes and designs motorbikes fashion, accessories and anything damn right cool. So when I saw what he was wearing, inside I was screaming from excitement. Finally Reino represents what I call The Stylish Rider.

Biker Jackets

In the interview you will notice that Reino is wearing a biker jacket layered by a jean jacket. This is an update version of  motorbike fashion and we are so loving it. Reino notes that the biker jacket has gone through some crucial testing and that it’s well suited for riding, so most importantly it will give you the protection you need. If you happen to lose control of that powerful machine.

Jean Sleeveless Jacket

This is all about adding an extra layer and defines what a stylish rider is all about. Tom Ford last week noted that most men love the detail, especially on jackets. So if you have a close look you will see that the stitching on this jacket is all about the detail. Reino tells me that the yellow stitching on his pockets is actually in the shape of motorbike handles. How cool his that?!

Skull & Gem Jewlery

All of the jewelry is handmade. The variety is intense and original. If skull rings are not your thing, then feel free to drool over the gem collections. One being made from British Hallmarked 9ct Yellow Gold called the Gold Leopard Print Ring With Citrine. All of the collections cater for your individual need so if you want something personalizes they can do it.

Leather Wallet

The Leather wallet is amazing with the combination of the chain attached to it making it look great and serving a purpose.

Natural Habits, by sam christmas, motorbike photography

Natural Habits, by Sam Christmas. Are you riding in style?

The Great Frog by Sam Christmas

The Women At The Great Frog

It was very refreshing to see what the very gorgeous and friendly staff members were wearing. The women could only be described as a modern take on punk rock and somewhat representing a grunge style. Wait till you see me in my leathers, just think Glamour Goth.

Reino did note that when he is looking at his motorbike magazines, the last thing he wants to look at is naked women. Now that’s a man who has earned my respect. He said, that he wanted to look at the bike. The motorbike industry can be so dated in its marketing when it comes to women and how they represent their bikes.  For me the motorbike is such an awesome piece of machinery that they don’t need naked women plastered all over them. Have you ever seen a naked woman/man riding a motorbike down Oxford street? ‘Cause I sure haven’t.

The Great Frog by Sam Christmas

Stylish advertising for 2013 and Trey Sea nails it  by saying. Wonderful Rock Grin

Celebrities Are Riding In

The Great Frog has designed bespoke pieces for many international names from the fashion and music industries – including rock legends Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slash and Aerosmith. Other wearers of the brand, and therefore a part of its heritage, include Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and Oasis.


The Great frog motorbike collection

Staff at The Great Frog. You rock girls

The Great frog motorbike collection

Notice the pocket stitching is in a shape of motorbike handle

The Great Frog by Sam Christmas

The Great frog motorbike collection

Some of the jewelry made at The Great Frog

The Great frog motorbike collection

The Great Frog iphone skull case

Mobile phone cover

The Great Frog, Dice magazines

Stylish informative motorbike magazines

Natural Habits, by sam christmas, motorbike photography

Reino ( left) and his friends at last week’s motorbike photography event by Sam Christmas

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