The Graduates Capsule Wardrobe – Informal Look

With University over for many students, thoughts of graduation turn to employment in ´the big bad world´ and their associated salaries. As well as allowing you to ´treat yourself ‘on a graduate salary, your first few pay checks should be put towards investing in yourself and your future career. Overly worn jeans and dull white shirts may (just) have cut it in University, but in the more dynamic professional world of the office and off duty weekend meet-ups, care and attention should be taken so you look like the professional that you now are. With this in mind, here are my second set of top tips for the Graduates Capsule Wardrobe; The Informal Look

 Classic White T-Shirts

The great thing about white t-shirts is their versatility in that they are so easy-to-wear and impactful, which means that they are a great staple to stock up on – however do keep an eye on the price that you pay. The higher end of the high street offers the same quality and manufacturing as all the top designer labels, so don´t be fooled by luxurious wrappers or an idea that double the price will mean double the value. Many times it won´t and you will have just been left paying for the label.

High street favourites Collection Of Style offer cost effective options with all the details you should be looking out for; high cotton content, round neck and a relaxed fit. You can pair these staples with basic darker jeans or wear them more formally with trousers or chinos.


Round Neck T-Shirt, available from COS, priced at £12.00 each.


 Modest Pair Of Jeans

Every cultured man should possess at least one pair of good quality jeans. Apart from being the foundation of many outfits, a proper piece of denim is one of the few items that will always remain in vogue; providing you buy the correct variety, in a durable fabric that can withstand the years.

For many stylists, Selvedge jeans are an essential choice as they get better with age -however they do take some wearing in. If you select a modern, tapered fit, then this will allow you the most flexibility in your wardrobe. The skinnier or looser cut versions will not work so well for more formal occasions and neither will their stonewash counterparts. By selecting an unwashed indigo look you will achieve a colour that will look newer for longer and will be versatile enough to go with most of your wardrobe.


16.5 oz. Kulsan Jeans, available from Harry Stedman, priced at £190.00


 Blue Denim Jacket

You can filter out a denim jacket in practically every vintage store on the high street – the real trick is not to opt for the cheapest or oldest. With denim jackets, it´s all about the right fit and the colour wash. Thankfully there are many ranges out there that look like they have spent many years on the road when in fact they have only been in production for several weeks. The trucker type jackets will retain their style characteristics for many years, with the darker colourways moulding into shape and ageing better. While certain denim items demand a looser silhouette, denim jackets are actually designed to sit more snugly on the body. By opting for a more fitted jacket that finishes on or just below the waist, you can pick up on a more 90´s grunge look (which is back again thanks to Marc Jacobs and dare I say it, Justin Bieber).


Blue Denim Jacket, available from New Look, priced at £30.00


 Pair Of Converse All Stars (Premium)

As we learned from part 1, the more formal Brogues may be the most versatile option for shoes, but not every event calls for formal shoe footwear. This is where the tried and tested universal sneaker steps in. The grand-daddy of them all; the Converse All Star is a timeless choice that will support and compliment most outfit choices. Their top selling premium white All Star ’70 high-tops offer a better quality rubber sole and cushioning meaning that in the long term, you will get more bang for your buck.


Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s, available from Converse, priced at £65.00

Knitted Polo Shirt

The knitted polo was a classic menswear staple long before Jay Gatsby´s tennis lessons took place. Thanks to Hollywood stylists harking back to a more golden era, the knitted polo has seen something of a renaissance thanks to the earlier runway offerings this year from Burberry and Gucci, meaning this is going to be a staple that will be with us again for quite some time. A well-structured polo shirt is a great trade-off between casual and smart and these shirts can be worn just as effectively with an everyday jacket or blazer. When looking for potential purchases, an industry trick is to try to imagine them beside your favourite wardrobe pieces. Also, because of the classical nature of these shirts, don´t be afraid to experiment with colour – a dusty pink will add some colour interest in your outfits, whether it be seasonal or transitional from summer to winter.


Bernwell Knitted Polo Shirt, available from Peter Werth, priced at £55.00