Guide to Choosing a Man’s Wristwatch

Guide to Choosing a Man’s Wristwatch

If you are looking to buy a quality watch, you should learn as much as possible about watches. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the right wristwatch for your needs:

Watch Movements

The movement of a watch does not only refer to the sweeping of its hands around the face. Before you start shopping around for best watches for men, you need to know about the different watch movements, which are:


A mainspring, which is wound by hand, powers this watch’s movement. Once it is wound, it will unwind evenly and slowly thus causing the movement of the second hand. The mainspring’s length is between 9 and 13 inches. The longer the mainspring of your watch is, the longer the power reserve will be, which means that you will have to wait longer before winding it again.


They work like mechanical watches in that a mainspring powers them. However, you do not have to wind them by hand to keep them working. As long as you are wearing an automatic watch, your movements will wind the mainspring. When you are not wearing it, you should place it inside a watch winder that will keep it wound.


Quartz watches are affordable and accurate, making them a popular choice for men. They use small batteries for power, which makes them accurate. Because of this accuracy, most field and sports timepieces are quartz watches.

Watch Styles for Men

When it comes to style, you cannot go wrong with the following watches:


Field Watch

This watch is a successor of the trench watch that was popular during World War II. These watches still have a military vibe thanks to their ruggedness and functionality.

The signature features of a field watch include:

Case – field watches have titanium or stainless steel cases.

Face – they have easily readable numerical indexes. The hands of most field watches light up, which makes them easier to read at night.

Size – they range from small to medium in size. Large field watches would only get in your way.

Band – canvas or leather bands are ideal for field watches because metal is too heavy.

A field watch is very versatile, so you can wear it to casual and business casual events. It goes well with everything from khakis and a sports coat outfit to a simple jeans and t-shirt look. If you do not wear suits often, this watch can bring out your style and personality.

Pilot Watch

Since the beginning of aviation, wristwatches have been a huge part of it.

Pilot watches have the following signature features:

Band – pilot watch bands are mostly made of leather. However, the band is longer than usual because it was meant to fit around a pilot’s jacket cuff.

Size – they range in size from medium to large.

Face – made for easy reading, pilot watches have oversized dials with luminous hands as well as legible numbers. To make the watch easier to read, the dial tends to be black with white numbers.

The casualness and size of pilot watches makes them ideal for casual events. However, you should not wear them to formal business occasions.

Dive Watch

Most men sport dive watches, because they are stylish. As its name suggests, this watch was originally meant for people who spend lots of time under water. This means that the primary selling point of a dive watch is its water resistance.

The signature features of dive watches are:

Face – easily readable and bold Arabic numbers. Hardened mineral glass is used to protect the face of the watch when underwater.

Band – it has a metal band that is longer than other watches because it was made to fit over bulky diving equipment.

Case – has a unidirectional bezel that moves counter-clockwise only. This rotating bezel allows divers to tell how long they have spent underwater with just a single glance.

Size – usually comes in a medium size

Although this watch is primarily for divers, you can use it for everyday wear. You can wear it with your business formal, casual, business casual, as well as sportswear.

Driving or Racing Watch

Racing watches were made for racecar drivers who use them to keep time while racing. The signature features it has are:

Face – racing watches have a large dial that has Arabic numbers. It often has contrasting and bright colors.

Size – comes in medium to large sizes

Band – this watch comes with a metal or leather band

Because racing watches look flashier than pilot and dive watches, you should pair them with casual clothing instead of formal wear.


Now that you know the different watch movements and styles for men, choosing one for yourself will be easier. All you have to do is figure out how much you can afford to spend then visit your nearest watch shop. Protection Status

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