11 Kurta Pajama Designs Every Man Should Try

11 Kurta Pajama Designs Every Man Should Try

There is nothing as sexy as a hot guy in kurta pajamas and some shades. This is a look that leaves ladies staring for hours.  Kurta pajamas are a must-have for every guy’s wardrobe. They are versatile since you can experiment with different prints and textures to bring out a stunning appearance.

You can also pair the outfit with almost anything without putting a lot of effort. Kurti pajamas are not only limited to daytime wear. They remain comfortable even when you need to sleep. Feel free to wear them to work or also attend a wedding in your new favorite attire. They are one of the most trending ethnic wear designed for men. Here are some of the kurta pajama designs from Stylecaret that you should consider purchasing.


The Collared Kurta Pajama

Do you need a unique piece to attend an official conference? Stand out among the rest of the men by wearing a collared kurta pajama. It comes with a shirt collar and some few buttons on the front part.  The hemline is curved making it look trendy, yet simple.

Front Slit Kurta

Are you looking for kurta pajama that is not dull? Get this blend of grey and black to bring out a sophisticated look. The high neck of your outfit shields you from the cold while the front slit expresses your style. It features white buttons which contrast the grey and black colors of your design.

It also extends past your waist though it does not reach the knees. The sleeves of the design cover your entire hands making it ideal for the cold season. You can also utilize it to hide any blemishes on your arms.  A front slit kurta pajama is modern and trendy.

 Short Kurta Pajama

 This is an ideal casual outfit that you can wear when hanging out with friends or parting. It gives you the freedom to add details on it according to your taste. You can add some buttons on the upper part of your outfit and play with the colors.

The black top matches well with a white bottom and some open shoes. The sleeves give your hands some breathing space as they go halfway across your arms. Ensure that you buy the right size for it to look elegant on you.

Jacket Style Kurta Pajama

The versatility of kurta is what makes it ideal for everyone. This style allows you to put on a jacket on top of your kurta pajama. It is a cool garment that you can wear to a festival or special occasion. You can also wear the outfit to work since the jacket looks formal. Match the color of your kurta pajama with a different jacket. Let the color of your coat match your shoes or even watch.

Fancy collar kurta pajama

 Since guys do not need a lot of accessories, you can buy a kurta pajama that has an embroidery design. The fancy collar pajama is designed with the Punjabi style. It features gold line embroidery bringing out a sophisticated look. The garment looks elegant since designers make it in art silk. This is not your usual kurta pajama. Spare it for special occasions and get ideal shoes to complete the look.

Cowl style kurta pajama

Bring out a unique look by wearing the cowl style kurta pajama. It is a fancy design that comes with a black kurta and a white pajama. The front pleat of your garment comes in several layers that make it look divine. The sleeves cover your hands and accentuate your shoulders.

The designers use a thin material when making this outfit. It comes with pleats that are held well on one side giving it a curved bottom. The pajama is simple so that it does not overpower your kurta. You don’t need to wear a watch when rocking this outfit since it already contains intricate details. The Cowl style kurta pajama gives you a confident look.


Kurta With Dupatta

A black kurta with dupatta is a perfect outfit for a casual setting. The garment comes in a bracade style material which makes it look rich. Place a matching scarf on top of your outfit and wear some gorgeous open shoes. The material makes it comfortable to wear for long hours and covers most of your skin. Match it with a crushed dupatta to leave a fashion statement.

Embroidery kurta pajama

Do you need a kurta pajama for a wedding? You can never go wrong with an embroidery kurta pajama. It blends well with a net dupatta and has some embroidery around the long sleeves, collar, and chest. It is perfect for guys with small shoulders as it makes them appear broader and more masculine. You can also wear the outfit for any other formal setting since it makes you look presentable and confident.

Linen kurta pajama

Look and feel cool during the summer with the linen kurta pajama. Though the garment covers a big part of your neck, it is light enough to increase comfort even when it is hot. It also features front pockets that have some presentable flaps. The trendy neck opening comes with asymmetrical cuts that make it different from other designs.

Silk kurta pajama

When the temperatures are high, you need outfits that give your body enough room to breathe and prevent you from excess sweating. Silk kurta pajama is an ideal choice during such conditions. The silk material makes it light and comfortable to fit in your busy schedule. Get a pajama that matches the style of your kurta.  It has some buttons that run on the neck to give the set some character.

Asymmetrical Hemline Kurta

Are you tired of wearing suits to the office? Try this innovative design that comes with an asymmetrical hemline. You can choose to wear this outfit with a beautiful jacket or leave it plain. Contrast the colors by placing a lovely handkerchief on the pocket of your jacket.  Add the asymmetrical hemline design to your office wear design today and boost your confidence at work.

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