The European League of Football never gets old. We suspect that will continue to be the case if names like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar have anything to say about it. They are practically everybody’s dream players, and certainly ones whose autographs make the perfect gifts.

But unless you have the social influence to acquire these perfect mementoes, they are practically impossible to come by. The same goes with football memorabilia, some of which may cost an arm and a leg to acquire.

Then again, gift shopping for a football fan doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, a messi soccer ball should be enough to give your football-loving amigo the kick of happiness he deserves.

Here are a few other gift ideas that are almost guaranteed to gain you the appreciation and gratefulness of an adoring football fan!

Top 5 Football Fan Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift isn’t that hard when you know what the person loves. And if he or she happens to love soccer? These top 5 gift ideas for football fans will surely win their hearts.

Gift 1: Soccer Ball

Goal! No football game can begin without a soccer ball. Whether it’s for a friend who actually plays or one who’s content to cheer from afar, a soccer ball should be a great choice!


Your friend can use the ball as a display or play with it, so you can’t go wrong with the gift.

Gift 2: Football Shirt

premier league kits

A customized football jersey is nothing short of a special shirt. For one, there won’t be any other shirt like it. And second, it tells your friend how much effort you put into gift selection.

Of course, you can also take another route and get your friend a shirt similar to or exactly the same as his favourite football player’s jersey. That way, they may wear it to viewing parties or actual games.

Like many soccer fans, your friend may also choose to frame the shirt and hang it on their walls to remind them, not just of their favourite football player, but of the special gift you took the time and effort to acquire, especially for them.

Gift 3: Soccer Shoes

football shoes

Make your friend’s day by gifting them a pair of soccer shoes the same as the ones worn by their favourite player. Your friend doesn’t have to actually play soccer to appreciate this gift. If they’re a fan, they’ll love it!

And, who knows? Your gift could turn them from a mere spectator into an actual player. Because whether the game is fun or serious, a good pair of soccer shoes can help improve performance.

If your friend is happy being a spectator, like many soccer fans, then they may consider putting the shoes on display.

Gift 4: Free Ticket

football tickets

If there’s one thing a soccer fan can’t say no to, it’s a free ticket! You can bet they’ll cancel anything on their schedule for this golden ticket, especially if their favourite team is playing.

To a football fan or a fan of any sport, for that matter, nothing compares to seeing their favourite players in person. In giving your friend this gift, you have given them something to treasure and remember for the rest of their life.

Gift 5: Football Player’s Figurine

A figurine of your friend’s favourite football player or team is a great gift idea. It would make the perfect addition to their memorabilia collection. It may also help them relive some of the most iconic moments of their idol’s professional career.

Football toy figurines are as much for adults as they are for youngsters. Granted, you have to be sure your gift doesn’t contain any toxic materials if you’re giving them to a child.

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing the Gift

When choosing a gift for a soccer fan, consider the following to ensure it’s a great one!

1. Quality

Gift shopping calls for reading product reviews. Would you want to receive something with one to three-star reviews? Your receiver isn’t likely to, either. Four stars and above are an indication of quality, which is what makes a gift worthy of being given.

Choose a good-quality product whether you’re shopping online or perusing the aisles of a physical store.

2. Autograph

It’s impossible to go wrong with a gift that has your friend’s favourite player’s signature. Whether it’s a soccer ball, a soccer jersey, or a pair of football shoes, it becomes so much more precious when it has a football star’s initials.3. Gift Wrap

Yes, the gift wrap matters nearly as much as the actual gift. If you’re unsure about what design to pick out, consider a football-inspired wrapping to be on the safe side.

Whatever the occasion, we can all agree that a ton of excitement and happiness can come from unwrapping a gift.

Gift Giving Is a Gift in Itself!

There you have it—the top five gift ideas for soccer lovers! There are few things more fulfilling than watching the surprise on someone’s face as you hand over a gift they didn’t expect and the happiness that overcomes them when they uncover what’s beneath the wrapping paper.