Being cool has changed a lot over the last half-century. Fifty years ago, cigarettes made you look hot, while today, they make you look weak. It is worth looking into, especially when you take an account that research was even done on the subject! Here are some fashion accessories that still captivate others today and are considered cool by most generations, still.

If You wear These Items, Chances are you will look Cool

There are many things to consider when we look at accessories that will make you look cool. The most important one is: Do you have what it takes to wear it? For example, if you suddenly decide to wear a large golden necklace, like a rapper, but you work “9 to 5” in an office, chances are the chain will only make you look silly. Here are a few fashion accessories that still send out good vibes to others, in most cases…

Leather Jackets

Yes, they have changed in 50 years, but there is no denying that a leather jacket is one of the fashion accessories that can still send the same cool vibes, as they did before. The rocker jacket, back in the 80’s, was the one piece of clothing all-stars had to have. Today, people are more eclectic about what they look for in a leather jacket. It is often more expensive and elegant. A men’s crocodile jacket is a good example of this. You won’t see one on every street corner, and they are a luxury statement at the same time that they are “cool.”

Leather Jacket Trends Over the Years

A High-end Watch

This accessory is really interesting because in many ways, it hasn’t changed much over the last 50 years. In fact, some older models are still being sought, which only raised their price tag over time. A vintage Rolex will cost you a bundle, but there is no doubt that most people will notice it on your wrist, especially connoisseurs in the matter, which is often what matters most. Many actors, singers and other people in the news want to be seen wearing a particular brand and model. It still says something, and most of the time the word that fits, again, is “cool.”

6 Things to Consider When Selling Your Rolex


That is another item that has changed a lot throughout the last five decades, but contrary to ties, it has gained in popularity, instead of fading away. Colours, styles and lengths come and go, but as seasons turn, you can be assured there will be new ones, worn on the streets of capital cities around the world, year after year.