Heist 2.0 Hair Dryer – For Men Only Reviewed

Heist 2.0 Hair Dryer – For Men Only Reviewed

The world’s first hair dryer for men is here thanks to the Heist Hair Kit 2.0. Why do men need a specific hairdryer?

‘Shameful sharing’ or ‘sheepish borrowing’ of a partner’s dryer is a thing of the past! Heist is the ultimate story of disruption in the grooming category: challenging men’s grooming conventions through emphasising the power of a good hairdryer.

It is hard to fathom that in 2020 that the Heist Hair brand showed that there were no men-specific hairdryers on the market. But that is now a thing of the past.

Salon Strength, Pistol-Shaped

Most men have short hair that is why the Heist hair kit was created. Getting ready for work for men is all about getting the job done as quickly as possible, and drying hair is one of these things. Time is money and this Heist hair kit solves all that hair ache men seem to encounter.

The salon strength, pistol-shaped dryer dries short hair in under 60 seconds whilst maintaining hair health, thanks to a high-power 2,200W drying engine equipped with advanced ionic technology.


Blue UV Light Technology

Blue UV light technology provides shine and scalp conditioning giving men a smooth barber-style finish every day. The dryer also features dual heat and dual airflow settings, coupled with a wide nozzle and cool shot button, offering easy precision styling. Especially for those guys with thicker hair.


Precision Grip

The Hair Kit 2.0 also comes with a patented precision grip that gives men maximum control over their individual styling experience. Understanding that men have different needs when it comes to using a hairdryer, the ergonomic grip attaches to the dryer’s barrel, enabling users to direct airflow with precision, which is especially ideal for self-styling.

We love the texture of the hairdryer it feels solid and durable. Men love details and the leather strap to keep the chord intact is an excellent idea.


Hair Styles

One of the most requests we get from our readers is all about hair products and hairstyle tips. By equipping men with the Heist of London tools, products, and tricks to take charge of their own hairstyling needs, they can now bid farewell to flat and lifeless hair and embrace a smooth barber-shop-quality coif in under 60 seconds.When we say this is the equivalent of giving the gift of good hair, we mean it. This bundle features everything you need to achieve barber level results at home, starting
with updated accessories alongside Heist’s performance styling products to supplement and complete the overall grooming experience for men.


Styling tips & tricks booklet explaining each product means you have plenty of ideas on how to get the hairstyle you need for your next zoom meeting. The kit also features a vented hairbrush, air concentrator tip, and a quality vegan leather tote bag for increased portability.


For more hairstyle tips we have plenty for you. We will keep you updated on the Heist hairdryer performance in the next few weeks.

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