Since 2011 I have been writing about menswear in Britain. I pioneered some new innovative videos about my views on the British tailors of Savile Row. I have served the London Collections: Men trying to capture how British male style icons try to inspire others to dress. When I look at Prince William & Prince Harry I can’t help ponder why the two most powerful young British men on earth seem to be stuck when it comes to conservative fashion. I can only conclude their style is controlled by a much higher force. I feel so sorry for them, that in 2016 the protocol for these two when it comes to menswear is minimal. So why has no other tailor taken these two Princes’ head-on when it comes to their personal image?


Britain’s Design History

It must be very frustrating for these two Princes to dress so conservatively compared to the British design icons that have dominated the fashion world. Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Edward Sexton , and Stella McCartney. Even though Savile Row has lost its exclusivity, it is still a profound road that leaves a sense of wealth and prestige when it comes to bespoke tailoring.

I was shocked to find out later that they actually have had a new stylist for a while. For me they look like two Eaton boys still stuck between the school boy meets the man. Now the exciting aspect about these two brothers, is one is a bachelor and the other one is a father of two. So you could not have a more diverse platform when it comes to showcasing a wide range of menswear. I do understand they can’t favour one designer. However, they certainly can showcase the many exquisite British menswear designers. We have here two powerful faces of Britain and who is better to diversify the marketing of menswear other than Prince William and Prince Harry.


What Is Missing

In all my years of working with stylists, there is an obvious skill styling men as opposed to women. So having the same stylist for Kate as for William, clearly is not working. Britain has such a unique platform here when it comes to styling the Prince the father of two. He is in the public eye every day and in time, maybe the future King. Therefore, for the sake of menswear and for men needing a role model, then his personal style should be taken very seriously. If upstaging Kate is a concern, Prince William will not upstage Kate trust me.

As for Prince Harry, what an adorable role model with such charisma and unpredictable flare. Here is such a fantastic opportunity, to dress Prince Harry in clothing that demonstrates his personality. What he is currently wearing is far from the man we all have come to adore.

I get the conservative, controlled royal attire. What I don’t get is that they seem to be stale, stiff, and stuck when it comes to menswear collections. They look uncomfortable regarding travel and the colours chosen are for old men. These are young men, who other guys aspire to. I am not accepting that if they were to choose other suitable attires, it would damage who they are as Royals. For the sake of British tailoring and menswear “God Save the Princes”.