Though beards might have gone out of fashion a few times, they had gained popularity again, particularly in black men. If you walked down the UK streets, you would find many black men with different facial hairstyles. However, the job doesn’t only grow a beard; its care and maintaining it to look neat are also necessary. However, if we talk about black men, their facial hair’s tendency is curly and tightly coiled. Therefore, when their facial hair grows after a shave, it curls back to the skin, ultimately resulting in razor bumps. The beard growth and beard care for black men can be quite different from men. Beard grooming is an essential part of growing, maintaining, and styling your facial hair. Today, we will discuss beard care tips for black men.

 10 Beard Care Tips for Black Men

Followings are the beard growth tips for black men which they should follow to care for and maintain their beard.

1. Nourish the skin beneath the beard

When it comes to beard care for black men, the foremost thing they need to do is to take care of the skin below the facial hair. The most common problem with black men with a thick beard is the dry skin under their skin, caused by the frequent absorption of water by the facial hair. When you have dry skin, your beard gets exposed to different problems such as beard dandruff and itchiness. To avoid all these issues, you also need to care for the skin beneath the facial hair. And the best way to do this is to keep nourishing the skin. Use a good quality beard oil and balm kit that penetrates entirely into the facial hair and skin.

2. Wash the beard at least once a week

All of you are well aware that your beard gets dirty over time and can even develop germs. It is so because your beard gets exposed to various things such as dirt, dust particles, food particles, and many more. When you wash your beard at least once a week, you protect it from developing germs and other bacteria. Use a high-quality beard shampoo to wash your beard so that it can remove dirt, dust, and other particles from your beard. As far as black men’s beard is considered, use a beard soap or beard shampoo that won’t make the facial hair dry or stripes off its natural oil.

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3. Avoid using hard products

Black men’s most common mistake is that they take care of their beards with any product available. All these products contain harsh chemicals that damage the quality of facial hair. These chemicals can sometimes make the beneath skin irritated and wash away the natural oils from it. When you are trying to boost beard growth, you need to be careful about selecting the products. It is best to go for organic products that carry organic ingredients such as essential oils.

4. Trim it whenever needed

Men black need to be more careful about trimming their facial hair from time to time. However, many black men with beards think trimming can be complicated because of their thick and coarse facial hair. The nature of their facial is to get curled up and brittle, but if trimming is avoided for a longer time, it can lead to split-ends and stray hairs. For those men, regular trim is the best option as daily trim beard styling will become easier.

5. Keep an eye on your diet

Many people would not believe in this, but your facial hair had a lot more connection with what you eat. Your eating habits are responsible for the growth of your facial hair, quality, and much more. The food you eat plays a crucial part in developing healthy and assertive facial hair. When you want to have full, thick, and healthy facial hair, you should start eating food items rich in vitamin C and A, like broccoli, citrus food, and tomatoes. All these items help to improve the skin beneath your facial hair. Also, foods rich in omega-three fatty acids like salmon helps in hair growth.

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6. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated always helps with beard growth; probably, this is the fact that no one believes easily. Your body loses 2-3 quarters of water in various forms. And dehydration is known to affect the length and thickness of your head and facial hair. When sufficient water is present in your body, it promotes blood flow and circulation. This helps improve beard growth and keep it in proper condition, appearing it shinier and fluffier.

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7. Proper exercise

Regular exercise promotes overall health and provides many other benefits. Specifically, working out in men results in an increased testosterone and metabolism level- both the factors target beard growth. Regular exercise also promotes blood circulation, which enables nutrients to get into the hair follicles.

 10 Beard Care Tips for Black Men

8. Avoid stress

The testosterone hormone is necessary for beard growth, and stress can significantly impact this hormone. When you have stressed out, your body releases the stress hormone, which decreases the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. So, try to reduce stress by taking enough sleep.

9. Do not pull out the ingrown hair

Because black men tend to grow curly hair, they are prone to pluck out the ingrown hair because they feel itchy and irritated. However, when you pluck out ingrown hair, it only temporarily gives relief, but it can put scars on your face. This can also lead to skin irritation and unhealthy beard growth. The simple thing is that when your facial hair grows out, it can look messy, but when you pull it out, it can result in many other issues.

10. Be calm

This is probably the only thing black men with beards can do. It would help if you let the beard grow out naturally. It may take a lot of time, but you need to keep patience to avoid any further issues with your facial hair. The best way black men can handle their beards is to groom, trim, and shape them whenever needed.


The beard care and grooming are quite different in black men as compared to other men. You might have seen many black actors with beard who have carried many different beard styles and groom their beards according to it. Growing a black man beard is not difficult, but it can be quite challenging, but you can have a neat looking beard with some careful precautions.