How to Have a Guys Action Vacation

How to Have a Guys Action Vacation

Apart from on bachelor weekends and sporting events, guys tend not to go on vacation in large groups, but this kind of get together could be a great idea if you choose the right type of trip. There are many ways you could spend time together with a bunch of mates, but as so many guys harbor a secret (or in some cases not so secret) ambition to be a superhero or daredevil, what about an action-adventure?

ATV tours

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are also known as quad bikes because they have four wheels but an open top. You can find places all over the world that operate ATV tours, from deserts to open plains to dense forests and jungles. Bryce Canyon ATV Tours, for example, take you out into the wilderness of Utah for heart-stopping fun and adventure in the forests and on the trails through the canyon.

Camp Jeep

Fun in the snow

So you might not want to go skiing or lack the talent to make some cool moves on a snowboard, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the snow with a group of mates. For instance, snowmobiles are a lot of fun, and many resorts will take you out for a night-time journey by snowmobile as well as daytime tours.


The fun you had playing cowboys when you were a kid doesn’t have to stop now you’re a grown-up. There are Wild West replica towns across the United States that offer a genuine taste of life as a cowboy – although some are more geared towards the myth of cowboy life as seen in the movies than the reality!

Alternatively, if you have some experience with horses, you could join a cattle drive, transferring cattle across vast acreages of countryside and camping around the fire at night. You need to be pretty tough to last on a cattle drive, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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Breakout experiences

If you’re more into your hi-tech espionage, James Bond type of action-adventure, then a breakout room could be right up your street. They come with various themes, including murder mysteries and spy and thriller set-ups, so you should find something that meets with everyone’s approval. Then you just need to get yourself locked up and see if you can solve the mystery and escape.


There’s something romantic and a bit dangerous about sailors, especially if you think of old-time pirates, who’ve gained a kind of mythical heroism despite how bloodthirsty they were in real life. Whether it’s Captain Jack Sparrow or a heroic naval officer you fancy yourself as, getting on the crew of a ship is an extraordinary experience. Or for something a little less active, you could always try a sea fishing trip (although if you’re trying to pull in a marlin on the end of your line, that can take a fair bit of effort!).

Get together with your buds and look at your options, and take a vote on which adventure is going to suit your group. You’re guaranteed to have a blast! Protection Status

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