What To Wear When Hunting Game

What To Wear When Hunting Game

Starting a new hobby is always an enjoyable time; learning new skills and meeting like-minded people is a wonderful way to make new friends and create new memories. Variety is the spice of life after all and a new hobby can bring you out of a rut if you’re not feeling too enthusiastic about day-to-day life anymore. Hunting is a popular hobby that can be enjoyed at an older age. It’s an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, leaving the constraints and stress of office life behind for the weekend.

One thing to consider when starting a hobby that involves a lot of time outdoors is what you are going to wear. The weather can be most unpredictable at times and there will probably be nowhere to run for cover, it’s always best to be prepared and pack a bag for every possible outcome. Yes, you might feel like the classic ‘all the gear and no idea’ individual when you haven’t had much experience hunting game but you won’t care about that at all when the heavens begin to open and you’re as dry as a bone.

When it comes to hunting game the clothes you wear are not only about the weather, they play an important role in many other ways which you might want to consider before purchasing your new gear. Outdoor hunting gear improves the success, safety, and comfort of the hunt. Essential items include other hunting accessories, knives, safety gear, and a first aid kit.


If you’ve no hunting experience or knowledge beforehand, you’ll probably believe the best colours to wear are dark, dull and muted, which is true for the most part. Whilst it’s important not to stand out to game animals it is vitally important to be identified by your fellow hunters. Blending in that way is an accident waiting to happen which is why the majority of states require individuals to wear blaze orange when participating in the hunting season.

Blaze orange is used as it can be easily picked up by the human eye, but many game animals cannot distinguish the colour. It’s important to feel safe whilst pursuing your new hobby so a blaze orange gilet, hat or jacket should be a priority on the shopping list.


When the safety aspects of your clothing have been covered, the next thing to think about is comfort. Think about the type of game you will be hunting and the environment and climate you will be heading out in. Hunting Waterfowl will probably require specific waterproof clothing in order to keep dry amongst the riverbanks and wetlands.

The majority of game hunting is seasonal and will occur during either the colder or warmer months. Decide whether you’ll need lightweight, breathable clothing for hotter days or whether the best cold weather hunting clothes will be more appropriate.


The last thing you might want to consider is the style of your clothes and which camouflage will suit your chosen hobby best. There are multiple patterns and colours to choose from so look into what works best for your chosen game before purchasing. Try to pick a versatile product that can be used throughout the year.

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