The colour “Pink” had been long cogitated as a feminine choice. However, the times have changed now, and even men favour wearing pink on formal and casual occasions. Pink shirts flamboyantly blend with any attire, whether a formal suit or a weekend blazer. However, the challenging part is determining how to wear pink shirts.

So, how exactly do we decide the right combination of casual or formal attire when a pink shirt is involved? It is certainly a tricky question, should you layer a pink shirt with a leather jacket or pair it with a dress coat? Let’s discuss some interesting wardrobe scenarios. That’s what we would like to focus on in this write-up. We will elucidate how to wear a pink shirt to help you stand out in the crowd in this article.

Injecting the colour pink in your shirt-wardrobe would introduce you to an eccentric splash of diversity. Specifically, when we talk about a pink shirt for men, it can help you stand out in the crowd while maintaining your sophistication. Moreover, the pink shade has the quality of flattering any type of skin tone.

Here are some of the smart methods to wear pink shirts:

Wearing Pink Shirts with Trousers

When you plan to wear your pink shirt with trousers alone, you might get confused with the trouser colour choice. The pink shade is versatile and can easily catch attention if worn with the correct colour combination.

You can confidently wear your pink shirt with navy, black, grey or charcoal. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you may try wearing green, purple or white coloured trousers.

The colour choice of your trousers with a pink shirt also depends on the occasion. When going to a formal occasion, it is advisable to stick to black, charcoal or navy shades of pants. But if you are planning to wear your pink shirt on a casual occasion, you may experiment with other shades to attract attention.

Wearing Pink Shirt with Suit

Now you must be thinking, how does one go about wearing a pink shirt with a formal suit? Well, if you are still living in a bubble where a pink shirt with a suit is a faux pas, then you might want to update your fashion knowledge a bit.

Pink shirts are becoming the latest trend with a suit since it helps one stand out in the crowd.

Grey Suit with Pink Shirt

One of the classiest combinations is wearing a grey suit with a pink shirt. It defines your sophistication and style.

Pink shirt grey suit

Make sure to choose the light shade of pink shirt if you choose to wear a dark grey suit. Alternatively, you can wear a light grey suit and a bright pink shirt. To add a hint of modishness, wear a classic brown dress shoe. This type of combination can help you balance the tone.

Blue Suit with Pink Shirt

Use this combination when attending a party or a wedding. Wearing a blue suit and pink shirt helps you make a style statement. This combination is highly recommended for those who prefer to stand out in the crowd.

blue suit pink shirt

Choose the blue colour of the suit based on your skin tone. You can select from midnight, cobalt, pale or other shades of blue and dress to impress with a pink shirt.

Navy Suit with Pink Shirt

If you are serious about your style and want to flatter everyone in the room with your flamboyant presence, consider wearing a navy suit with a pink shirt. This combination goes well in formal as well as casual events. Wear a pink pocket square and a navy tie to promote yourself as the hottest fashion fiesta in the room!

Black Suit with Pink Shirt

Black suits symbolise professionalism. Whenever you want to get into formal attire, the best choice would be to wear a black suit, preferably with a pink shirt. Pink colour adds an instant flair to the look and feel, and it also appears aesthetic.

You can wear a black pinstriped suit with a plain light pink shirt. Alternatively, if your black suit is plain, wear a checked or striped pink shirt.

Wearing a Pink Shirt with Jeans

If you plan to wear your pink shirt with jeans on a casual event, then make sure to choose dark denim. Blue denim and the pink shirt is a killer combination for a casual-wear.

Jeans with pink shirt

You can choose to wear plain pink or the one with the texture or stripes with the jeans. Even the checked pink shirts look classy on dark jeans. Throw on a pair of rugged suede shoes to enhance the macho look.

Wearing a Pink Shirt with a Wig

Why not spice things up The pink shirt makes an excellent combination to go with a highlight-color wig.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding the right fashion sense of wearing a pink shirt on different occasions is a thought-provoking task. However, it is worth the effort to find the right combination with the pink shirt.

Use this guide to create a long-lasting impression with your pink shirts for formal and casual appearances – anywhere, anytime!