Streetwear is defined as ‘fashionable casual clothes’ by many industry pioneers. The origin of streetwear can be traced back to many places and lifestyles, but most notable are the surf-skate and graffiti culture of Southern California in the 1980s, the hip-hop culture of New York City in the 1990s, and the streets of Tokyo and London thereafter.

The popularity of streetwear began to rise more than 40 years ago, but it’s transcended into a global phenomenon that’s still very much sought after. Many people refuse to call streetwear a trend because it’s lingered for decades and has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Streetwear is a cultural movement granting people an avenue for self-expression and creativity. Since its emergence, it’s influenced countless people, young and old alike, and it ceases to be shoved into the books of fashion history. This fashion style will remain a staple in the runways of Paris, Tokyo, and Milan and, of course, in ordinary places all over the world.

When shopping for men’s streetwear, here are some of the things you need to remember:

1. Prioritize Comfort

Streetwear is tantamount to comfort. It’s casual, fashionable, edgy, yet comfortable to wear. It uses fabrics that are easy on the skin and won’t restrict movement. You can choose from pieces made of cotton, denim, polyester, fleece, linen, and wool. See to it that the ones you go for are appropriate for the season so you’ll be comfortable from morning until night.

2. Invest In Sneakers

Sneakers are a quintessential streetwear fashion statement. You can never call your getup streetwear if you’re wearing leather shoes. Sneakers complete your streetwear attire, and fashionable footwear, such as Rollie Nation shoes, is usually the first thing a trained fashion eye looks at and assesses. Even an ordinary eye travels south to check on footwear first before the clothes. There are a lot of shops online that could give you a variety to choose from that’ll complement and hype up your style.

3. Break The Rules Of Proportion

Streetwear is never well put together. It isn’t formal. And though you might think it’s just many items thrown together hastily, it’s not.

You’re never meant to look aristocratic in streetwear, but many royalties don it. That’s how streetwear comfort cuts across social classes. When you think you’re just projecting a lazy skater mood, that same outfit is being worn halfway across the world by a prince of some kingdom. You can find some of the best streetwear options when you shop Thrills clothing line and similar brands.

Shopping For Men’s Streetwear - 5 Things To Keep In Mind

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Your outfit will be complete when you finish it off with the right accessories. Typical streetwear fashion involves all sorts of headgear such as beanies, caps, and bucket hats.

And if you want to highlight your attire, you may do so with a pair of movie star shades. These large specs are called such because movie stars wear them to hide their identity when they go out on the street. Who knows, by wearing these, people might mistake you for a movie star when you pass by.

Wear bold, colourful high-cut socks. If you’re wearing shorts instead of jeans, you need to pair your sneakers with statement crew socks. These won’t just protect your legs from the cold temperature but will also send out a message if you’re trying to make a relevant statement.

Be fashionably on time with a nice sports watch to complete your gear. Watches with sport and military features and eye-catching designs are now a thing. Many fashion influencers can be seen trotting in their streetwear and highlighting their timepieces. Timepieces that complement your entire outfit will surely make many heads turn.

5. Choose The Right Statement

Oversized colourful graphic tees with a statement printed on them have been making the rounds of the clothing world since the 1960s. But it was in the 1980s when the rise of streetwear also made way for slogan tees to be widely utilized.

As the name implies, slogan tees are shirts with a slogan or a statement. They gained notoriety with politically inclined views, but now, they can convey just about anything. They can be about the feminist movement, the fight against world hunger, and HIV/AIDS, among many others. Choosing the right statement won’t just make you a socially conscious individual but will also let other people know what issues you’re advocating.


Streetwear gives you the freedom to be yourself. It’s what many people define as unassuming and unintentional. You don’t need to plan extensively for it, so it won’t take you a lot of time and effort to come up with a good ensemble, especially if you follow the tips above. And nowadays, you can never say that a piece doesn’t go well with another. It’s your fashion statement, after all. You can be you with streetwear, and you can choose not to apologize for it.