Selfridges Shoe Department – 72,000 Men’s Footwear

Selfridges Shoe Department – 72,000 Men’s Footwear

Selfridges - Shoe Department Aasen Stephenson

Selfridges Shoe Department

When it comes to fashion shopping most men are always high-lighting  that they want to buy things quick, and get out fast. Well if  it’s a pair of new shoes you need, Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street is your place. I am talking 10,000 square feet dedicated to your feet. Offering a mind blowing  72,000 pairs of shoes from 250 brands and  3,200 styles. Selfridges have designed a floor space full of shoes on the concept of shopping by category. If it’s Prada footwear a man needs then you simply look for the word. Yes ladies, this store is solely catered to a man’s kind of retail thinking.  It’s so impressive it has been officially labeled as the largest men’s shoe department in the world. I am so jealous.

Selfridges Men's Shoe Department - Tom Ford Section

I’m loving the concept of made-to-measure section to create your own perfect shoe. The Driving Salon is made up of two sections. Everyday or current trend footwear is what you are wanting you’ve got it here. However for the more adventurous guy it’s other departments I’m more excited about. You can get your own customised sneakers or luxury bespoke brogues tailor made specifically for you.

Labels – Shopping by Category

The brands range from casual collection such as Havaianas from £25 to high end made-to-order Tom Ford boots setting you back £10,000. Exclusive to Selfridges are styles by Dr. Martens, Burberry and McQueen. All you need to look for is the label you want to buy and go to it. No Google maps needed.

Selfridges Exclusive Tom Ford Croc Oxford Boots

Tom Ford £7,140 at Selfridges, a bargain..

Selfridges - Mens Shoe Department, Offspring Section

More affordable is Offspring

Selfridges - Dries Van Noten - Wedge Derby Shoes

Dries Van Noten Wedge Derby, £480

Selfridges embraces Some Cool Concepts

In march this year Selfridges linked up with the creative and  highly respected artist Aasen Stephenson from design brand Deathhouse.  He tattooed and etched  shoes for any customer that purchased a pair of Jeffery West shoes. “My work speaks for itself.” – Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. let’s hope they embrace more of this?

Jeffery West Sailor - Jerry - Tattoo Shoes

Aasen Stephenson from design brand Deathhouse

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