Lewis Jackson – Golfer & Social Media Guru Shares His Style

Lewis Jackson – Golfer & Social Media Guru Shares His Style

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Lewis Jackson

I met Lewis Jackson a well dressed social media expert as he did some work for MenStyleFashion. Lewis has an interesting life that went from professional golfer to what he does now. Together with Lynx I am meeting him again to know more about his attitudes to fashion, grooming and life.

Lewis started golf at the age of 13, he dedicated his whole youth to this sport. After 4 years of university in the States playing college golf he was burned out and decided to ditch his golfing career, he choose education over his passion. Lewis: “The hardest part about giving up on golf was telling my family, but they where very supportive.” After two successful ventures in golf, making custom golf tees and online golf training sessions, Lewis has now ventured into social media management at the age of 24.

Lewis on social media: “Social media gives each person the ability to stand up in front of the whole world and say what they have to say”


Lewis Jackson keeping up with the tricks – ex professional golfer turned social media specialist.

Style Attitude

Lewis on his casual style: “It is all based on comfort, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, I can’t be casual in it.” I wish he was more adventurous here.


Lewis casual style – wearing Next jeans a Next T-shirt and black Nike trainers.


Black Nike trainers


Belt from Next


Diesel zip up cardigan

His smart casual look is all about business: “I just want to look as fresh and as slick as possible. I want to look together, coordinated and comfortable. I need the clothes to understand my shape and help me out a bit, I choose colours of leaders.” Everything is from Next as Lewis likes to get his shopping done quickly.


Light blue shirt from Next, grey trousers from Next and brown shoes from Next.


Brown leather shoes from Next.


On his smart style: “I think it’s important that you look comfortable in a suit because otherwise people will look at you as a person lacking in confidence. If I can look together in a suit, they can trust me in providing a service.” On his ties: “I always use a half-windsor, it’s quick and when done well, looks like a full windsor.”


Suit, shoes, shirt, tie all from Next.


Grooming Attitude

When it came to grooming Lewis never compared himself to his peers at school, he remembers shaving his baby moustache off and his mum saying: “You know every time you shave it off, it comes back thicker”. He loves his current beard and to make it heavy and not stick out he shampoos,  conditions and combs it regularly.

His favourite fragrances are his youth time favourite and ‘trusty’ Cool Water, CK2 and a non stinging aftershave for the neck area.

On his hairstyle “I want it to be practical, stylish and not too wacky, subtlety is the name of the game for me. I don’t follow trends, but notice what people like David Beckham are doing with their hair, and I usually just have a toned down version of theirs. I have a cow lick in the front right of my head if a hairdresser can understand it, and cut accordingly, I’ll go to them for eternity. I shampoo twice a week if I do it more my hair becomes uncontrollable and puffy, unless conditioner is involved, in which case I would do it everyday.”


Outlook On Life

Lewis on rejection and disappointments: “In the past, I was a terrible loser! I couldn’t stand losing. Since growing up, the fact that I don’t like to lose is still evident in me, but my ability to accept loss has increased. Overall, i’m a very positive person so i’m rarely disappointed for long,  that’s why I choose inspirational people like adventurer Bear Grylls. I approach life with this mindset live like you’re dying. I guess it’s why I would call myself a loner and I don’t think it’s always healthy to be like this, but I keep to myself. However when faced with criticism I’m getting better at it. I very rarely I compare myself to other men, I have no need to. I can’t change who I am so why would I need to wish I could be something else.”

Let us know in the comments below if you were inspired by his attitude to style and grooming and his outlook on life.


Lewis at Brighton train station

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Photo’s by Maria Scard

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