Linen Suits – Look Hot This Summer

Linen Suits – Look Hot This Summer

Linen suits have always been a tricky subject for most guys. One of the reasons is that the styles up until now have looked outdated and therefor off putting. The linen suit is something we see more on the European continent than elsewhere and it has been these guys that are leading the pack. However it was nice to see guys at the London collections:men coming out in full force wearing the linen suit.

For most men when they hear the word linen they associate that with bed linen and what grandma puts on her table. I have collected some images for you to get inspired by this fabric, make sure you try some out this summer.

Cost Versus Style

Unless you can afford it and you want to make a luxury statement, linen inspired outfits can be found at Marks and Spencer and low cost retailer Primark. High street brands now show case affordable linen pieces that won’t break the bank. Now why choose to wear linen in summer? It’s simple it looks cool and and its moisture absorbency rate is very high for the hot weather. The fabric also has a longevity aspect to it. So for those guys that are conscience of mass productivity regarding clothing, linen is a environmental friendly cloth.

How To Wear Linen

You don’t have to look too hard now to see the guys leading the pack when it comes to wearing linen. I would tend to mix and match the styles. So linen shorts with a shirt. Linen blazer with cotton shorts. It really depends what you’re comfortable with. Dare I say it to the guys in the UK.

The Italians let alone the Spaniards will always show us how one way or another to wear linen in a cool casual way. We are all about the man on the street after all.


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