When is it OK to wear socks with sandals?
If you’re going to be wearing sandals or clogs whilst working from home. You’re going to want to up the sock style ante. London Sock Company is a luxury sock brand that offers some texture and stylish collections to at least get you looking as stylish as possible.
Let me get one thing clear socks with sandals are not to be worn out in public.
London Sock Company socks with sandals

Sock Pandemic

We are all working from home and socks are certainly getting a rest bite in regard to business attire at the office. Therefore it seems only fair to allow socks worn with sandals during a pandemic.
For us, the collection that works very well with working-from-home attire is The Hollywood Collection By Ilaria Urbinati.
London Sock Company Hollywood collection 2020 (2)
Celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati is known for making her own style rules.
Here, team, MenStyleFashion thought we would create our own rules too. This is a tongue-in-cheek article hence if you are wearing socks with sandals. The collection to adopt during this pandemic trend is the Hollywood collection. For the simple reason, the socks ooze confident colours, vintage motifs, unique florals, and unexpected patterns.
Wearing socks with sandals is about the socks, that are sure to make a statement. The aim is that people are looking at YOUR socks and ignoring the sandals.

Sharing Is Caring

Lockdown is tough on us all and sharing is caring. It’s why your female partner may love this collection too. I like the unique florals that the London Socks Company has recently launched.
London Sock Company Hollywood collection 2020 (2)
I am getting some clogs made for me here in Italy,  My sock style in public is very important. Wait until you see the combination, could I have started a sock with clog trend in public? I keep you posted.
London Sock Company socks with sandals Italy (2)

Gift Idea During Lockdown

Around the globe, everyone is missing their travel and access to their loved ones. So why not show how much you care for them by sending some socks? Socks are warm, essential, and practical. So gifting a loved one a box or some pairs is a personal message and reminder that during Covid 19.

KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND (phrase): keep a sensible and practical attitude to life and most of all humour.

London Sock Company socks with sandals Italy (2)