Long Hair For Men – Tips on Growing & Managing It

Long Hair For Men – Tips on Growing & Managing It

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Long Hair For Men

It isn’t always easy standing out at London Fashion Week. Among all the Hackney hipsters with their studded collars, metallic jackets and Prada plateaus and the buyers and editors, dressed head to toe in Céline, one can easily feel like that tiny slice of a gherkin on a McDonald’s burger: overpowered. Not that standing out from the crowd was what I go to Fashion Week for – I actually work there. I’m a writer. A pretty brilliant one. You should hire me. Get in contact – but no one’s ever complained about getting some attention from the It-crowd, right? Generally trying to avoid eye contact with street style photographers who don’t have a card and won’t tell you what their blog is, I sometimes hide behind my hair. This, however, got me the attention of Men Style Fashion.

Why Have Long Hair

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to grow my hair. Retrospectively, I guess this desire was born out of the frustration over looking like everyone else (coming from a place in Germany I promise you’ve never heard of before where everyone does in fact look the same). Funny enough, the last time I had a haircut was in the summer of 2010. I don’t remember getting my hair cut prior to that. I guess it must have been in 2007 or 2008, around the same time Britney Spears had that infamous haircut. By now, my hair looks pretty unstructured and barely touched. There are no traces left of a certain ‘shape’ and every single hair has its own length. It often looks wild and messy and – dare I say – reminds me of a time when rock stars didn’t have glam squads yet and campaigned for a better world while the wind blew through their hippie hair. While this all sounds pretty good, some might wonder how my hair isn’t at least 50% split ends after years of not cutting it.

How To Maintain Long Hair

First of all, I always wash it using ice cold water which closes the outer cells your hair’s cuticula consists of (seriously, Google it!) and prevents it from getting frizzy. Also, I never blow-dry my hair. When it comes to the products I use, I like switching it up with currently about 5 different shampoos in my shower. I like Dr. Hauschka and generally try to look for companies that don’t test on animals. The best thing I ever did to my hair is argan oil from Arganic – 100% pure, organic and cold-pressed; it is the best argan oil you can get. Since it is not diluted, even a few drops left in your hair for about 20 minutes before washing it out will do wonders. It really nourishes hair (and skin) without getting it greasy.

The Power Of Having Long Hair

If this makes you want to grow your hair, I’m telling you go for it! It’s the best conversation starter ever and helped me getting hit on by designers and models in the past (models love my hair – all of them). And what would LFW or LC:M be without a good flirt that never turns into anything but heartbreak? Exactly: New York Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week - Long hair for men - Steffen Michels

Steffen you rock

London Fashion Week - Long hair for men - Steffen Michels

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