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Tattoo Tips

Whilst at the Hentsch Man event, I took a special interest in the appearance of the men attending and I liked what I saw in regards the guys modelling and their tattoos. It occurred to me that I needed another story concerning our perception of tattoo’s. Unbeknownst to me Ashley Jagdeo, owner of, was exactly what was needed regarding what it takes to embrace a tattoo. There is a saying that; reputation is one perception but character is really where one is at. So my presumption of a man having a tattoo, is of him to be hard and reckless – this was soon eliminated thanks to Ashley. His honesty, respect and integrity towards tattoos is very admirable. His practical steps in describing why you should think very carefully about getting a tattoo, are not to be ignored.

Not Sure What Tattoo Suits You

Ashley explains that people come in for all the right and wrong reasons. He encourages his clients to come up with a design of their desired tattoo and then to go away for a week to get use to the idea.

Don’t let your raw emotions decide whether you should get a tattoo and what design you want. If you are heartbroken, depressed or absolutely hammered drunk, Ashley and his team will guide you in deciding whether it’s the right time to get this permanent art work and what you should get done. He has turned people away because his honest character recognizes that you may regret getting the tattoo.

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Your Message is a Permanent One

Once you’ve considered the design of your tattoo. Always remember that it’s a reflection of your life at that moment. There is no turning back and regretting it is going to be a painful process, emotionally and physically.

Ashely says that getting your tattoo removed, takes about two years and a lot of patience (it hurts too).

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The Interview

This interview contains everything you should know when considering getting a tattoo. It also explains why you should get it for the right reasons. Most importantly Ashley has no problem turning you away if he senses that it is a decision you will regret. I’ve never wanted a tattoo but if I change my mind I know where to go. Ashley recommended that I get one on my ribs. For now though I think I’ll just get him to just draw one on me and when I have had enough, a delicious chocolate body scrub will take it off nicely.

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Barbie rocks her tattoos

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Their newly refurbished bathroom

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Once it’s on your body it’s permanent.