Louis Vuitton – ICONOCLASTS Luxury Bags

Louis Vuitton – ICONOCLASTS Luxury Bags

Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry has applied his architectural mastery to the construction of a sculptural handbag in monogram canvas. The twisted box has been the most technically challenging piece of the collection, due to its union of both rigid lines and curves. A press of the golden-brass clasp reveals a blue lambskin interior, embossed with a hand-drawn monogram pattern.

‘I didn’t want it to be just ‘a thing,’ so I spent time with Louis Vuitton to talk about the refinement of details, the clasp, the whole of it. I have had fun with them; we have been changing and refining the bag up until the last minute. They take craftsmanship very seriously at Louis Vuitton and that’s what I like. I hand drew the monogram for the embossed interior. I have never really been inside a handbag, so I was trying to think what I would like if i was inside, I thought ‘maybe blue.’ I just liked that colour in contrast with the brown monogram. I wanted to leave the attention on the outside. The interior is more private, and a darker blue just felt more orderly somehow, that it would give the things in the bag more clarity. I suppose I just have a fantasy of what it would be like to be inside the bag! ‘Frank quoted as his design philosophy.

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