On MenStyleFashion Facebook the defining attribute is a never-ending influx of posts called ” Do you like? Yes or No?”  A flow of self-portraits typically shot by our followers themselves. Are sent with a picture to the Chief Editor, Gracie Opulanza. I choose the pictures of him, dressed in a T-shirt with a tight-fitting blazer. Immediately the comments come in, by you the followers. Although he was not confident he could pull off the look in the first place.

“They will just look great in the event you wear them confidently,” one chimed in, with quite possibly the earliest guidance in the publication. But using a complete newsgroup cheering him on, how could he not continue. This quest is simply trying new looks. That’s the power of social media on MenStyleFashion. You the fashion jury decide.

MenStyleFashion Twitter

In twitter peacock court,  it is common to get a gentleman to tweet himself kitted out in $500 worth of tweed that is hand-loomed.  Because Twitter is there as a substitute for the mirror.  In when you’re able to show friends, family and your Twitter followers your sense of style or not.   MenStyleFashion’s social media is clear for all those watching a mere platform to try before you buy.

It is not even clear that the men sending out the tweets are even them, or even have dressed up. The ensembles tweeted out are polo shirts or a reduced-down version of business-casual, with sport shirts tucked reluctantly into khakis that are belted. Should I be tucking in this shirt? Is this better with trousers or shorts? Does what I’m doing even make sense? The reply, naturally, is yes. And in a spot where no one is attempting to set up himself as a professional, most responses are that direct. That outfit works. The other, not so much. I feel that it’s the shoes? You’re likely purchasing the wrong size shirt.

Dressing Well Is A Hobby

The great thing about MenStyleFashion Social Media it is for you our followers wanting to dress nicely or in some cases for most not a reality yet. Thus, lately, when a gentleman sends me an image of his new shorts by Orlebar Brown.  The reply is a mixture of confusion and amazement. One man asked, how did you manage to pay £140 on a pair of shorts?

The reply came back: economy, hard work and credit card.

Thank you so much for your social media support keep sending the tweets and images for our Facebook.

MenStyleFashion – You The Fashion Jury Decide