Luxury Leather Italy – Made To Order Manufacturer Vegan & Leather Products

Luxury Leather Italy – Made To Order Manufacturer Vegan & Leather Products

The Italian brand, Luxury Leather has been manufacturing since 1979. The team has a wealth of experience to get clients collections runway ready. Whilst working with genuine leather materials as the name implies, there is now a big trend in eco-friendly vegan leather alternatives from its customers.

Vegan Leather

The products which can be leather bags, garments, and accessories are manufactured via a hand-made process in its workshop in Italy. Luxury Leather can turn an idea, a sketch or a mock up into a real physical product as the buyer imagined. Ensuring the highest quality process and using the finest quality materials of genuine leather and vegan alternatives.

From sketch to production

This, Made in Italy, full in-house manufacturer is offering an online door-to-door service to all its clients. Whether it’s luxury bags, garments, or any leather goods no task is too small.

If clients are opting for sustainable leather the company now also offers choices of vegan and vegetable leathers. Luxury Leather is intensively searching for viable, animal-free leather alternatives that can help them tap into this market whilst satisfying the demands of its clientele.

Founder of Luxury Leather, Lorenzo De Leo explains,

“We are always searching  for leather alternatives that at least meet the properties of the original in terms of hand feel and durability,”

Luxury Leather

Step By Step Leather Manufacturing

For those seeking to create a full collection, it’s a simple process of sketching. Luxury Leather has a dedicated Youtube channel on tutorials to guide designers to get their collections ready for manufacturing. Thanks to digital access creating bags, leather garments, and small leather goods has never been so easy.

In the factory, clients will be taken on a step by step journey through every single stage of the creation of their garments, and leather goods. This content can also be used as their marketing weapon when they are selling to the consumer.

The full in-house fashion company has a team of experts who can develop clients collections.

They will guide clients with leather alternatives so the items created can have durability in mind. The hides on offer range from real leather or other fabrics to get the right results. Many leather accessories can be recreated with a vegan or vegetable hide too.

luxury leather designs

Luxury Leather signature collections of Made To Order leather goods are crafted from scratch and are available in an array of colours and styles.

Eco Message

Luxury Leather understands the responsibility required to recreate items that are less taxing on the leather industry. It empathises the importance of fashion brands’ eco messages to their consumer regarding the impact leather making has on climate change.

Nothing gets wasted here regarding the leather. Luxury Leather manufacturing is mindful of agricultural waste and the use of chemicals used. It’s why vegan leather is used as an alternative leather hide. A message of cruelty-free towards animals.

At Luxury Leather it used several vegan kinds of leather such as pineapple, cactus, and other recycled sources. In the production of bag and leather clothing, the Italian factory mainly uses cactus vegan leather thanks to its resistance and quality. This is made from cactus leaf waste from Mexico. It is regarded as the most affordable, plant-based leather option and has appeared in hundreds of products with household labels.

luxury leather samples

Let’s Blog Latest News & Articles

Luxury Leather has a dedicated blog explaining the FAQs around the manufacturing process. Informative topics covering, leather tannery,  vegan trends, sustainability procedures, and the latest fashion collections can be found here.

Articles also include the environmental impact of Luxury Leather and the changes it is making regarding the creation of sustainable leather garments. How a vegan, vegetable, or animal hide bag or jacket being is made can be told through the clients digital story with Luxury Leather.


Luxury Leather has worked with many fashion brands to create its portfolio of excellence in leather crafting. Please have a look, its world of leather has also been showcased at Milan Fashion Week.

Before any commitment clients can discuss anytime with Luxury Leather their personal collections and choices. So if you are a young designer their expertise can and will get your collection produced to the highest level.

Have you always wanted your own collection of quality hand-made Italian genuine leather and vegan leather goods, it is time you contact Luxury Leather at [email protected] or by social media. Protection Status

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