An excellent thing about London is that you can walk down any street and see an array of styles. However one thing I have also seen in London as well as a number of other cities are people who think that dressing head to toe in the latest trend makes them stylish. However usually it means the opposite, these people have all the money but none of the style.

How To Avoid This

Don’t fall victim to this pitfall, yes it is great if you can afford the latest trends, however the best advice I can give is don’t force it. That new Katie Eary suit may look good on the model, but will you look that good wearing it? Take your most critical friend when making purchase such as this, your pride may be hurt but not as much as people sniggering when you walk down the street.

My Style VS The Latest Style

Your individual style should always win this battle. Your individual style will change with time and may often be in line with some trends but remember real men don’t follow trends, they set them. So bear that in mind next time you’re in Harrods, credit card at the ready.

Photos by Krish Nagari

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