Matrix – Chicest Of Men’s Fashion Trends

Matrix – Chicest Of Men’s Fashion Trends

Keanu Reeves is everywhere these days, from popular sequels to sexy guest appearances to being an interesting subject for profiles and even being the centre of attraction of laudatory think pieces. But some 20 years ago, he was the came rocked everyone’s socks off with his splendid performance in The Matrix. The movie not only became a huge hit among the audience but also gave men’s fashion trends a boost with the ever famous Matrix-inspired look. And now, after two decades, history is repeating itself.

From Balenciaga to Céline to Bottega Veneta, everyone is putting their best foot forward to nail the Matrix-inspired look for the fall fashion looks and bring back the oversized and mysterious suits’ men’s fashion trends on the forefront.

As per many, The Matrix was way too ahead for its time, both in terms of its storyline and costumes which is why donning something that Reeves’ wore some 2 decades back is actually cool today. Here are all the things that you would need to rock the Matrix-inspired look and make a visible dent in the Men’s fashion trends.

1. A Big Black Overcoat

The first and most important rule to nail this men’s fashion trend of the Matrix-inspired look is to get a big black overcoat for yourself. This overcoat will not only make you look chic and keep you warm but also help you in donning that mysterious personality that Keanu Reeves was so much loved for.

Matrix Fashion for men 2020 - A Big Black Overcoat

2. Strong Leather Accents

There is nothing that screams more Matrix-inspired look than wearing some really strong leather accents and incorporating leather boldly in your outfits. Be it leather pants or leather jacket or one of those fitted leather shirts, everything works wonders if you’re planning to enrobe yourself in Reeves’ cult favourite style.

Matrix Fashion for men 2020 - Strong Leather Accents

3. All Black Everything

Another major takeaway in this men’s fashion trend is the significance of colour black is too much. Remember any scene from The Matrix and you’ll immediately remember every character in a black outfit, especially Keanu’s Neo. During most of his important scenes, Keanu was wearing an all blackout outfit to maintain that look of secrecy and mysteriousness which always translates to something extremely interesting and sexy.

Matrix Fashion for men 2020 - All Black Everything

4. Small Sunglasses

It all started in 2017 when Kim Kardashian admitted on Keeping Up With Kardashians that Kanye West sent her “a whole email [saying], like, ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little sunglasses” and the rest is history. Anyone and everyone was seen in small sunglasses afterward which were eerily similar to the ones Neo wore in The Matrix. From runways to supermodels to Instagram models, everyone was raving about the style which is one of the best ways to incorporate the Matrix-inspired look in your daily routine. Plus, these sunglasses look extremely sexy on men and if you’re someone who is blessed with that razor-sharp jawline then the entire combination is just EPIC!

Matrix Fashion for men 2020 - small sun glasses

5. Floor-Length Coats

Now if you’re planning to go all out for this men’s fashion trend and have no fear then you must try yourself for these floor-length coats. These might look ghastly to some but if styled and paired right then you will immediately be recognized sporting the Matrix-inspired look and appear to be a hundred times cooler while doing it. Not many are adventurous and fashionably gifted to pull off something like this but if you’re someone who likes to colour outside the boxes then this is your chance to just go for it.

These were some of the chicest and interesting items one would need to successfully pull off the Matrix-inspired look and be a part of the cooler side of men’s fashion trends.

Disclaimer: While some of these items might look almost impossible to sport then remember that you can always take small steps towards the goal rather than diving straight into it. We hope you would have a wonderful experience while trying it out and actually enjoy the whole process. Protection Status

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