Men’s Boots – What Is A Brogue, Viper, Hiker, Biker Boot?

red wing moc toe boot

Men’s Boots

Let’s face it, those of us who love a good bit of sartorial wear, love winter. It gives us the perfect excuse for layering up; to wear not only a t-shirt – like we might in warmer climes – but jumpers and cardigans and coats and blazers. It also gives us the opportunity to wear boots.

The market is currently awash with boots, but it’s also rife with questions: what ones should you be looking out for, can you wear them with a suit and are bikers boots just for bikers? Read on and you may just find the answers.

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Robbie Canale
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Robbie Canale works as a blogger and social media writer for a menswear boutique in Brighton, England. As a freelance writer Robbie says about the world of mens fashion: "I love the way clothes not only make us look but more importantly, how they empower our individual personas. Clothes should be inspiring, they should make you go about your day feeling on top of the world."

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