Men’s Boots – What Is A Brogue, Viper, Hiker, Biker Men’s Boot

Men’s Boots – What Is A Brogue, Viper, Hiker, Biker Men’s Boot

Men’s Boots

Let’s face it, Those of us who love a good bit of sartorial wear, love winter. It gives us the perfect excuse for layering up; to wear not only a t-shirt – like we might in warmer climes – but jumpers and cardigans and coats and blazers. It also gives us the opportunity to wear boots.

The market is currently awash with boots, but it’s also rife with questions: what ones should you be looking out for, can you wear them with a suit and are bikers’ boots just for bikers? Read on and you may just find the answers.

Billy Ruffian Chelsea Boot Tan

Billy Ruffian – Chelsea Boot Tan

Brogue Boot

In the summer months, wearing a brogue shoe with no socks and a small turn up on your suit trousers gives a great slim-line silhouette to your legs, unfortunately, winters do not allow for such luxuries but with a brogue boot, you can keep the turn up in your suit trousers and show off the detail in the boot too. Brogue boots are both stylish and dapper and while I recommend wearing them with a tapered or skinny jeans, they look just as good with a smart suit. Just don’t forget that roll up on your trousers.

Oliver Spencer boots 2012 - brogued boots

Oliver Spencer black brogue boots are as hard-working and stylish as the men they’re designed for.

Biker Boot

Let’s get one thing straight: fashion is very personal, what I like and you like might not be the same but surely we can agree, the biker boot is for ‘proper’ bikers only. The biker boot needs to be worn by the man’s man – it is not for skinny Hedi Slimane type models, it is for the rugged outdoor type, the man on the Harley or Triumph not the Ducati or Honda, it’s for the man in black. Strong, rugged and built to last, biker boots should be kept simple and when you are off the open road and out of your leathers, worn with a good pair of raw, straight or tapered leg denim i.e. Tellason, Mister Freedom et al.

johnny depp - cry baby - wearing boots

Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

Classic Work Boot

The boot has been adopted by fashion but it’s origins stem from hard work in factories and fields. Brands such as Red Wing and Grenson have a fine heritage in the work boot and are now, thanks to the world of fashion, more popular amongst the masses than ever. Fusing traditional and modern-day methods, the work boot has become the go-to-boot for any informal event while still retaining its roots in the world of outdoor labour.

classic work boot - gresen 2012


red wing - moc toe boot

Red wing Moc toe boot

Fashion Boot

The A/W’12 menswear shows witnessed an abundance of men sauntering down catwalks in boots; from Paul Smith, Diesel Black Gold and Vivienne Westwood the boot played an instrumental part in the male wardrobe. Worn with suits, large work jackets and even jogging bottoms, the world of high-end fashion really has taken to the boot for the coming season.

Diesel and Vivien Westwood boots for men - 2012

On the left Westwood 2012 and on the right Diesel black gold 2012

Hiking Boot 

If ever a boot was having its moment in the fashion limelight, it would have to be the hiking boot. Once solely the preserve of the outdoor explorer, the hiking boot has marched from the wilds of nature and into the urban sprawl where it can be spotted teaming up with hipsters in skinny jeans, oversized shirts and bleached denim jackets.


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