Still uncertain about choosing leather anniversary gifts, birthday presents, and tokens for all other kinds of celebrations? Here’s another list of the amazing properties of leather, and why leather items are ideal for any occasion, and for any season!

Leather Properties You Never Knew (Or Forgot About)

1. Water Vapour Permeability

This isn’t to be confused with water-resistance. In fact, water-resistance and water permeability are complete opposites. What the latter refers to is how an object has the capacity to absorb water vapour.

“Leather absorbs water vapour? That sounds more of a disadvantage than a benefit!” Before you furrow your brows while thinking along these lines, hear us out. The reason why this is marked as an advantage is that it speaks highly of the breathability of leather.

It absorbs water vapour, however, its very component of absorption is a testament to its capability to release said water vapour just as easily. In simpler words, leather permits moisture to dissipate without a hitch.

What this equates to is how its shelf life can be extended much longer than that of similar skin-materials.

vapour shown on a surface

2. Thermostatic Level And Insulation

Here’s a property that’s, in many ways, connected to number 1— thermostatic control. Objects with excellent thermostatic control are able to withstand varying temperatures, whether of hot or of cold elements.

That’s right— we’re talking all-season, all year long, no-matter-the-temperature endurance. Leather will maintain its make whether in warm or cold weather. In fact, quality leather that has been processed and put through careful treatments is able to withstand heat and fire.

On the same note, leather’s thermostatic property, along with its water vapour permeability (as mentioned earlier) work together to allow leather products to be able to offer comfort in spite of extreme weather conditions.

What does this mean? It doesn’t trap heat nor cold, thus, it has good insulation. This will prove greatly beneficial for items that are either worn on or carried close to the body.

Belstaff advancer leather jacket for men

Belstaff Advancer leather jacket


3. Resistance To Bacteria And Pollutants

Mould and mildew are often the culprits of having to throw out faux leather goods that have gone through yucky discolouration, and/ or have obtained smells that can no longer be masked by mere perfume and wipes.

These faux leather-troubles are actually caused by mould and mildew. Two variables that real leather can ward off.

Fungi cause organic materials to degenerate because they reproduce sporadically, especially on surfaces that are damp. As mould and mildew proliferate, the organic material will eventually cave, letting its structural integrity succumb to said fungi.

But because real leather can resist these microorganisms, you can give leather goods to your friends and family without having to worry about leather-deterioration due to fungi.

Moreover, did you know that our polluted environment plays a role in deteriorating some types of materials? The presence of carbon fuels and sulfur dioxide, even in what’s considered  “low concentrations” (hello, “modern” and “industrialized” cities) weakens other items made of skin or hyde-types of materials, after some time.

But when it comes to original leather, not so, because it can resist such chemical attacks.