Prasana By Arjani Resorts Bali – Luxury Private Villa Review

Prasana By Arjani Resorts Bali – Luxury Private Villa Review

luxuy-week-bali-300Bali can be a very intense island and if you’re looking for a very tranquil private stay then, Prasana Uluwatu Private Villas is your place. This resort has 21 private villas each with their won private pool. There is a selection of 1 2 and 3 bedroom villas to cater to any ones needs. Prasana is located in Uluwatu which is about a 16 km drive south of the airport. Uluwatu is known for its beaches but also the Uluwatu temple which is about 6 km away from the resort.

The Prasana caters for all type of people, couples on a romantic hideaway or honeymoon, families with children or groups that love the private villa concept.  If you’re looking for a quiet romantic stay in where nothing but the view and food is your mission, this ticks all those boxes. If you’re a lover of unobtrusive views with an amazing private clean pool then this is your place. With such a clear view of the sunrise it is a gorgeous place to chill. Even thought it is tucked away and feels remote, there is a shuttle service provided which is excellent.

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From the moment I entered the reception area, I could see that this place had been well thought out and used some of the finest of interior and exterior materials to be found here in Bali and Indonesia. I loved the wood paneling and the view overlooking the horizon. The furniture used through out this area looks and feels very classy. The bar next to the reception at night was showcasing some very expensive bottles which gave it a nice elegant feel. One of my favourtie flowers I discovered at the reception area which is called the balloon. It is so different and it demonstrated that the Prasana thinks about unusual gems that can only be found here in Bali.


Balloon flower

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Green corridor leading to my private villa

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Two Bedroom Private Villa

I stayed in a two bedroom private villa which consisted of a small 5 meter infinity pool with double daybed, an outside covered living area with bar and 2 bedrooms with ensuite. This area is completely private with a total space of 224 m2. I loved the views that it had towards the sea.

Interior Design

In Bali interior design can vary and the furniture can be a hit and miss. When it comes to the quality of the furniture it can be very cheap. These villas furniture were all designed by a local native. I truly appreciated the combination of quality pieces that also looked pleasing to the eye and were also very comfortable to use. When it came to the mixture of materials used through out these villas it ticked all the boxes and was of a very high standard. The bathrooms materials were gorgeous and nothing had been compromised when it came to design and all so the storage. There was plenty of storage leaving my beautiful villa completely uncluttered.


My bedroom had gorgeous bed linen, a top quality double mattress and an amazing sunrise view, what more could I ask for. The 2nd bedroom had two huge single beds with the some comfort and the same amazing views. Prasana’s definition of a single bed is actually a queen size bed, which is really a bonus to have, as in other places single beds always seem to be compromised. I was really impressed here with the concept. I loved sleeping with the sliding doors open throughout the night and the ceiling fan on. I felt safe as the gated entrance to my private villa was locked. No one can come in unless they have a key. For this reason a nice naked dip was fun too, no swimwear required.

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The view from my bed.

Prasana Sunrise Villa Bali MenStyleFashion (16)Prasana Sunrise Villa Bali MenStyleFashion (19)

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I loved the bed lights here and also the switches for the fans and lights right above your head.

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Outdoor Area

The outdoor furniture was comfortable and of a high quality which was really nice to lounge in. There was plenty of out door space to enjoy the views and the large, lounges can cater easily for six people. The kitchen facilities were more than enough to make your stay comfortable. I liked how the glasses were stacked, really nice touch. There were plenty of minibar options if needed. The infinity pool was nice and the view whilst swimming was amazing.

prasanauluwatu. menStyleFashion Balijpg (9) Indonesia

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Private infinity pool with double day bed




I was impressed on the technology front. I know for some people TVs are a must and here I had two TVs with plenty of international channels to choose by. So it was a bit like home away from home. The internet was excellent and I loved sitting on the bed with the sliding doors opened looking at that fabulous view, whilst typing away on my laptop. When working in situations like this, the view can really create an excellent working environment. This villa came at a perfect time for me, in where I could be alone digesting in piece and quiet whilst catching up on work.


As far as luxury bathrooms go, this ticked all the boxes. The mixture of materials and the colour scheme worked in perfect harmony. The bathrooms were finsihed to a very high standard and there was plenty of high pressured hot water. The stone bath, which was behind the bed was a sophisticated touch and lovely to use anytime of the day.  If you’re sharing with friends you could still have a private bath because from the pool you can’t see it. I loved the flooring and colour scheme, very modern and it gave me some ideas to adopt for my future dream home.

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This bath is behind the bed in the bedroom

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With only 21 villas it was nice to see that this resort had a restaurant capable of creating some amazing food. Sometimes you don’t want to go away to eat and stay onsite. For those that do decide to eat out and explore, Jimabran beach with its shops and restaurants is normally the place to go to. The Prasana restaurant has a nice selection of food that can be ordered all day long. It was prepared of a high standard and the presentation was excellent.

The dining area had the same amazing views as I had from my villa. Good food with a view it can’t be better. The staff were really on the ball and more than accommodating to make sure my eating experience was up to the level you expect from a five star resort. I had the lobster which was deliciously sweet finished off with some homemade ice-cream.


Breakfast anyone…


Iced coffee on display

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Nice outdoor seating area


The Prasana spacious private villas set the standard for luxury accommodation in Bali. It was secluded, and although the roads leading up to the villas itself were a bit rough, I was welcomed into a world of luxury like my own private sanctuary. The well thought design of the place, complimented with luxurious appointments, Grohe appliances, and your own infinity pool in the villas just makes my stay perfect and complete. There was nothing that I did not like about this place. It was very quiet, the staff was always on hand to help and everything was functioning to a very high standard. If you’re looking to get away from it all and enjoy modern interior design at its best, then these villas in Bali are what you need to book.

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