Sea Breeze Candidasa Bali – A Hidden Paradise

Sea Breeze Candidasa Bali – A Hidden Paradise

luxuy-week-bali-300Sea Breeze resort is situated in Candidasa Bali, right next to the ocean with amazing unobstructed views of both the sea and fields over looking Lombok Strait and  the Island of Nusa Penida. It is about 5 minute drive away from the local downtown area which makes it very exclusive and tranquil. From the moment I walked in the views were just stunning and it was a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of Bali, let alone life. The attention to detail within the resort gardens was amazing. This resort along side its views was a hidden paradise and best of all very affordable. This resort was nice and small with a total of 14 villas all offering scenic ocean views and having private terraces to experience Bali’s majestic nature.


There were two pools on this resort showcasing the stunning views. The infinity pool right next to the restaurant was made out of stone rock which is really nice to massage your feet on. It is not too deep and the statues were Bali made from Ubud. The running water from these statues created another further atmosphere of peace and setting a scene of mediation. Just having a drink let alone floating in the pool was paradise once again. I had a go snorkeling the reef in front of the Sea Breeze and I saw some colourful fish,  sea horses, turtles and sting rays. I was told you can also see dolphins and on very rare occasions whales.


This is the other pool which is perfect for doing laps and getting that body into shape.

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Honey Moon Destination

This resort is the perfect affordable luxury honeymoon destination. The whole setting combined with just tranquility and mother nature is the perfect place to unwind from such an hectic event. You don’t have to leave the resort at all and just soak each others company. Digest all that has happened in your life and just sleep, eat, pray and swim. You can have a massage anytime you want with the ocean as your sound. With everything available at your fingers tips why would you want venture out. However if you’re up for exploring. Sea Breeze is close to many nearby Balinese cultural sites, including the ancient village of Bali Aga, Goa Lawah, Ujung Water Palace, Tirta Gangga Royal Palace, Besakih Temple, and Amed villages.


View from the Deluxe Room and the little hut is where you can have your private massage on demand

Deluxe Sea Front Suites

There were seven Deluxe Sea Front Bungalows, each having a living area of 50m2. They were spread throughout the property, with the majority being located just 30 meters away from the bay. It just depends on your budget, once again the view was the focal point here and the modern facilities in the room were nice to have. The space was great and the bathroom was just massive. Don’t worry when having a bath here, the view was great too and best of all the water pressure was excellent. The bed was massive and waking up in the morning looking out at that view was just paradise. Regarding the TV & Cable there were fabulous up to date movies to watch free of charge, this is not always common in hotels. This place is about eat, pray and sleep and in my case work too. The Internet was great and with a setting like this my creative juices were released, what more could one ask for in a location like this.

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Evening view from the room

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This was a place that any fashion swimwear designer would just adore, you can check out my shoot here.  If you’re looking for the Instagram shot then this is also the place to go to.

Sea Breeze Candidasa Bali MenStyleFashion 2016 (11)

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There were plenty of great places to sit around the resort and soak up its fabulous views. The resort was small so you can just walk around and soak up the sea breeze and that sun as you like. Your bedroom is just a stone throw away.

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Restaurant Sea Breeze View

It can get really hot here in Bali and sometimes I just could not eat as it was too hot. At Sea Breeze you literally always get a gorgeous cool breeze in where you can eat anytime of the day. The food was great, well presented and on offer anytime of the day. It was not expensive at all considering where you are situated, with a table view like this where else would I want to eat.


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This resort is run by Christina and I love to support local businesses in where they take pride in what they create as a place to stay. As I explore the world of luxury more and more, I can honestly say luxury is all about location, the people you meet and how far you’re prepared to venture in finding a little place of paradise here on earth. This has to be one of my favorite places in Bali. Candidasa is located on the quieter east side of Bali, about a two hours drive by taxi from the Airport. The accommodation, combined with the view, fast internet was what I call my luxury paradise stay. This was a very affordable place for what you get and the staff were friendly, they were quick to respond when you need something too. For those fashion designers looking for a summer shoot, make the effort and come and stay here at Sea Breeze Candidasa. Honeymooners on a budget, you will get the five star feel and that romantic paradise getaway without it costing a fortune.


  • Room reviewed: Deluxe Sea Front Suites (Sea view rooms go for as little as £60 which I think is a steal for view, quality and facilities you get)
  • Website:
  • Address: Pantai Mendira, Banjar Mendira, Desa Sengkidu, Manggis, Kec. Karangasem, Bali
  • Phone: + 62  363 42149

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