Black Carpet Bravado

The type of event that you will attend will dictate heavily what you should wear. The key to finding out everything about how the night will run will be on the invitation, or precedence’s from television archives (if you´re lucky).  If it’s a formal sit down dinner, then you can wear angular shoes that kill your feet as you won’t be standing all night. If it’s more of a cocktail soiree, then it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are a little comfier because you could be standing for a good part of the evening. The whole trick is in decoding the dress code to what you can and can´t get away with.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

Whoever came up with this idea. Needs to fired! It’s 2017 for goodness sake. Menswear has come a long way.

Back in 2014, I interviewed Oscar winner Glenn Freemantle. Listen to what he had to say when the other film stars saw his suit on the red carpet.

The Women Have The ´Carte Blanche´

How men dress for different types of events is a very traditional affair. Of course, as is very notable with the past decade’s awards ceremonies from The Academy Awards and The Oscars – women really do have the ´carte blanche´ when it comes to dressing. They are encouraged to stand out and are suitably awarded for it in the press. However, when it comes to men – they have two options; formal suits and dark colours. During the Oscars awards ceremony this week, a friend put on Facebook ´why do the women look like flowing blossoms and the men like starched Penguins?´ When you think about it, there really is something in that narrative. It´s not only televised awards ceremonies that demand this style of dress, as there are many other special circumstances that do as well.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018The Oscars - We Show You How 2018The Oscars - We Show You How 2018


¨Traditional red carpet dressing has been around for decades of years, and has not really changed at all in its set-up. These dress codes have rarely changed over the sands of time because of demands from (or to pay respect to) the more traditional establishments and hierarchies. Anyone seen to be straying from these many not be invited back, or even worse, sent away at the door.¨ 

Sharp Rules For Men

There are three short, sharp rules for men and formal dressing; for cocktail events – men should wear suits, but not necessarily jackets and ties. For formal events, men should wear a complete suit with a tie. And, for the most visible of them all, the black-tie event, men should wear a complete tuxedo. This is a ´code of etiquette´ that has been conformed to for the last decades, but where does it come from and why is it relevant?

The industry the event is being held for will dictate what sort of outfit you should wear. At these creative awards nights, people tend to dress a little more relaxed or alternative to the traditional take on formal evening wear. If however, the awards night you are attending is for a financial firm, corporation or red carpet, then you may be best to stick to something more traditional. However, it doesn’t matter if you are going to an important awards night or otherwise, you should always dress for the frame you have and not the frame you want. If thin spaghetti legs aren´t your best feature, then don’t buy trousers that will show them off. You need to feel comfortable in what you have on. Plus, with so many formal dress codes telling you that you ´must´ wear a suit, which is dark, and formal, plus a tie; when you think about it, there really are other ways to dress for these formalities and the red carpet; it´s just a question of being brave about it. Looks sharp and break a few rules whilst you at it.

Here are some of the most thoughtful ways to upset the status quo at formal events and make sure your bold choice beats the tried-and-tested, every time. – Gracie Opulanza

The White Dinner Jacket – Where To Wear: The Emmys

The white dinner jacket creates an enjoyable counter-intuitive statement: It’s simultaneously more casual than a tuxedo and more formal than black tie. A dangerous choice to be sure, as you might be joining the ranks of co-ordinating hospitality staff if you’re not careful. Avoid the cream coloured options that border on tan and always look yellowed. If you’re lacking confidence already, then just remember that Bond and Indiana Jones prove that this look is better than just alright.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Burgundy Tux – Where To Wear: The Academy Awards

A black tux is a classic for a reason, but men from Chris Hemsworth to Usher have proven that burgundy or other well-selected colourful choices will work well in formal situations despite the potential pitfalls. Darker palettes and earth colours will always win prizes off the carpet if you don´t on it.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Midnight Blue Tux – Where To Wear: Anything Black Tie

Ink colours/midnight blue has become a popular staple of black-tie affairs thanks to Daniel Day-Lewis, who showcased this colour when lifting his Oscar back in 2012. You may not be able to hit the same highs as Lewis, but many designers such as Tom Ford have nailed the midnight look with options that give the hard-line dress code conformist the opportunity to be an elegant rebel.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Standout Accessory – Where To Wear: Everywhere

So, you already own a tuxedo and its black? Great, then don’t take the risk. But at least have the courage to add a little colour in the after-hours celebrations that are making you so uptight. If you’re nervous about breaking the rules, look for a reversible option; the tie and cummerbund start out black, but after a few drinks you can relax and flip them to show off your preppy colour combo to liven up the celebrations.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Patterned Dinner Jacket – Where To Wear: Puerto Banus Inauguration

Whether you want to stand out as eye candy or simply sumptuously swoon over a piano with a drink in your hand, a strong patterned jacket will set you apart from the crowd without making you look ridiculous. Try to keep your Tuxedo subtle, but keep things different with sheen and bold rockabilly lapels to keep heads turning.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Velvet Tux – Where To Wear: Anywhere, If You’re Alessandro Michele

Mainly thought of as a fixture of formal loungewear, the velvet jacket is often overlooked. It is either mistaken for a typical tuxedo jacket or mistreated for its outdated function. These days, it’s a young man’s adventurous way to stray from the established pack in situations where relaxing is just what the dress code needs. Velvet Tux´s come in a variety of colours, from blue and green to dark grey, which can formal up with a pair of jeans on Friday night.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Bold Choice – Where To Wear: MTV Movie Awards Or Anything New Media.

Whichever universe Daft Punk resides in, you’ll find a glittery, wearable disco ball. This look fits the formalwear requirement in only the broadest interpretations, but when you’re only there to party, it’s the perfect option. Expect to be looked down on by both the snobby black-tie elite and any rental amateur who wishes they were born with a personality and balls.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Fashionable Faux Pas – Where To Wear: Fashion Events

There are a time and a place for big risk, and who better than Elton John to use as your guide. After all, he looked better at his worst than most do at their best. It feels so reprehensibly out of style that even the most Avant-Garde from the fashion world will praise your brave step forward.

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018

The Safe Alternative – Where To Wear: Indie Movie Premieres

Not quite black, but not crazy enough to draw the wrath of those in boring tuxes, the charcoal look is perfect for those who want to dip their toe in the alternative waters before diving right in. And if your brother happens to plan an August wedding outdoors in Bournemouth, you could take a style risk and a heat-stroke precaution with linen. Look for a modern cut which is stylishly out of the ordinary and it won’t be soaked in sweat by the time the cake is being cut. Nothing is safe when it comes to these icon film stars.

#weshowyouhow. Come on designers for men up your game!

The Oscars - We Show You How 2018