Football Managers – 5 Stylish Powerful Managers

Football Managers – 5 Stylish Powerful Managers

5 Stylish Powerful Managers

The only redeeming factor of the football hiatus which spreads across Europe through our summer months is the fact it gives us fans the opportunity to realise just how much we love the sport. The absence of the beautiful game gives up the chance to recharge our emotional batteries, rekindle hope and discuss who will, and who won’t, be appearing in our respective team’s colours come the dawn of the new season.

Thankfully the summer break is over and Europe’s elite – from England to Italy, Germany to Spain – are now restoring some much-needed parity to us, football-obsessed men. But while the players are sweating it out on the pitch, off it, mangers are doing their utmost to retain a sense of cool while handling the pressure bestowed upon them by the chairman, club owners and fans alike.

Footballers are hardly renowned for their sense of style – David Beckham aside, footballers still think tracksuits and dressing like hip-hop stars equate to style – but their managers on the other hand often cut a sartorial elegance while gesticulating wildly at their players to obey their every instruction.

Here’s a quick look at five of the best

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