Tartan Tips – Bespoke Tartan Tuxedo

Tartan Tips – Bespoke Tartan Tuxedo

Oliver Proudlock

Who is Oliver Proudlock? What does he do? Is he a trend follower or does he set trends. At London Fashion Week I instantly spotted this trend setter. His presence was infectious and what got my attention was the well fitted tartan tuxedo. Yes I have not seen this one before. Tartan for men this year has taken the high street by storm. So for the more adventurous guy, here are some style icon tips on how to take the tartan suit to a whole new level.

Oliver is a  designer and artist who studied Fine Art in Newcastle for 4 years. He returned to London 3 years ago to set up his own clothing brand called  Serge DeNimes.  Oliver’ s brand provides a premium, urban apparel of the highest quality.  His original designs epitomize the urban culture and artistic flair that is the foundation of the Serge lifestyle. He strives to create an artistic community that focuses on producing cutting edge designs. For this reason he then decided to create the bespoke tartan tuxedo suit.

Bespoke Tartan Tuxedo

Oliver’s tartan suit is tailored made by Clifton Suits, which is a traditional tailors situated in Bristol. In this case  Oliver asked them to create something slightly out of the norm, a well fitted tartan tuxedo. This was in fact inspired by one of my style icons Pharrell Williams, who wore something similar for his wedding last year.

Oliver’s personal style is relatively diverse, and although he loves to be laid back and wear urban attire such as the products he creates for Serge.  He likes to dress up too, as can be seen from his tartan suit at LFW. He feels so many men are scared sometimes, to take a risk. Hence men decide to follow the trend.

Well it’s a fabulous thing that Mr Proudlock lives up to his name. And is PROUD to try and stamp his own sort of style. There is no fear let alone harm in mixing things up and creating new looks. Being a trend setter is what makes us unique and individual.

Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock - Bespoke Fitted Tuxedo Tartan (2) Oliver Proudlock - Bespoke Fitted Tuxedo Tartan (3) Oliver Proudlock - Bespoke Fitted Tuxedo Tartan (1)


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