Pokit – Ready Made Versus The Bespoke Suit

Pokit – Ready Made Versus The Bespoke Suit

Pokit. wardour street, London, bespoke suits


Bayode Odowule is a stylish trend setter who can be found on Wardour Street, right in the heart of Soho. From what he wears, you could say that he is the definition of good taste. From his experience, he informs us, men should dress according to the occasion. So, at Pokit all of the suits are designed in relation to where you are heading. Bayode describes his store as a traditional outfitters, adopting a permanent English theme. However, the intention is not to characterise the stereotypical suit but to give it a  modern edge, making it wearable and adaptable to personal style. If you are wanting a suit with a sophisticated edge to it, then Bayode Odowule is the man to go to.

Ready Made Suits versus Bespoke Suits

No two men are the same in size. Often when I am styling men I can find it hard to match the suit to their body shape. Everyone comes in all different sizes and shapes, so there are a variation of different challenges I face when finding the perfect suit. It can be that his arms are too big and his waist is too small or exactly the opposite.  The generic ready-made suit caters for most men but not for all. If you are looking for a bit of individualism and want a suit that will make you stand out, then getting a suit that fits you perfectly is the first step. The quality of the fabric is very important because it will dictate how the suit falls and sits on your body and how comfortable the suit is.

Message to the Customer

When walking through the store, you instantly feel welcomed, comfortable and at ease with the whole concept of having a bespoke suit made. Bayode’s approach to the new customer, is to pay special attention to their personal needs for the suit. To slowly gravitate the man towards an idea of the suit they would want to wear whilst keeping them reassured that he is not going to take them out of their comfort zone, unless that is what they desire. The idea of buying a suit should not be scary but rather an exciting prospect. He says there is no point in buying clothing that you wouldn’t want to wear. In his own words; “It’s a waste of money for the customer.”

Corduroy Jacket a Timeless Gem

Bayode was very enthusiastic about showing us that the corduroy jacket is a hot favorite for 2013. It’s made in a range of colors and is perfect for any outing – especially if you are heading to a bar. Pokit‘s corduroy jacket has very clever pockets and once you take a close look, Bayode says, men like to appreciate suits with hidden details.  This jacket is great value for money.

Good Taste Is The Key

Bayode talks about the politics of fashion and how it’s all about feeling – something he describes as GOOD TASTE. One of the the key factors of getting a bespoke suit made is to show the public that no man should be messing with you or your suit. You wear the suit, the suit shouldn’t wear you. Good taste is also about men making an effort and illustrating to the public and themselves, their unique personal tastes.

Bayode; cool, funky and states his own style

A Pokit suit can complete your whole look all under one roof. They stock leather goods such as shoes, wallets, belts and bags whilst also playing a supporting role to the customer, during the process of making the suit. Finally, be inspired by Bayode  and listen to what he has to say about how men approach fashion.


Pokit. wardour street, London, bespoke suits

Bayode Odowule, right.

Pokit, wardour street london,soho, owner, Bayode Odowule

Bayode Odowule wearing his famous hat.

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