Cool Effortless Look – Men’s Styling Made Easy

Cool Effortless Look – Men’s Styling Made Easy

Men’s styling brings a fresh dynamic to the world of fashion. Clean lines, sophisticated colors, patterns and textures, all these and more can create such a cool, effortless look for men. I know that for some men, styling their own outfit can be intimidating. However, I’m going to offer you my favorite tip when it comes to making men’s styling quick and simple.

This tip is what I call “The Rule of 2”. This rule is about matching 2 things together. I put together a few different looks demonstrating this Rule of 2 beginning with a basic casual look and then moving up to more complex looks matching 2 or 3 pieces.

This first set is a fast and easy-to-wear outfit.

Olivia Cannizzaro - Outfit 1

Starting off with basic blue jeans and an off-white long sleeve tee, I added a pair of brown lace boots by River Island for style. The Rule of 2 is applied by matching this sleek brown leather watch by Armani Exchange with the brown leather belt.

This second look adds a few more pieces. We are going to use the “Rule of 2” a few times. I matched the cream blazer with a cream sweater; a green collared shirt matched with a green tie; and brown shoes matched with a brown belt. I wanted this look to be a bit “business” but still cool and trendy so I chose these Dolce & Gabbana brown leather trainers to balance it out.

Olivia Cannizzaro - Outfit 2

This last look may look very complex but it is still easy to follow if you are using the Rule of 2 and (in this case) Rule of 3.

Rule of 3: The black denim jeans matched with the black vest and black high-tops.

Rule of 2: I matched the grey Calvin Klein fedora with the grey dress shirt. I kept the whole palette dark with black and greys, but I wanted to add a fun pop of color. I applied the Rule of 2 for the yellow pocket square and a hand-painted Italian leather belt by Pakerson.

Olivia Cannizzaro - Outfit 3 Protection Status

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