Are you wondering if you should wear an undershirt under your dress shirt? If you are, then this piece should be able to provide you with a thorough education.

We’re saying “thorough” because while the answer may be a clear-cut “yes” to wearing an undershirt beneath your dress shirt in general, the dress shirt colour and occasion might impact your fashion decision.

Speaking of fashion decisions, make sure you’re constantly making the right one with these solid dress shirts under $50. In the meantime, let’s get started with all things related to dress shirts and undershirts.

Why Wear an Undershirt Beneath Your Dress Shirt?

Generally, you don’t wear dress shirts without undershirts. This section will discuss the reasons for such a rule, including aesthetic and comfort benefits. Remember, when chosen correctly, your undershirt adds to your fashion ensemble.


So, why is wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt the fashionably sensible choice?


Some dress shirts are partially see-through, which typically isn’t appropriate for the occasions these shirts are worn to. This lack of privacy is often exacerbated by intense lights, which do nothing to hide what you have going on underneath.

We’re all for showing off more of our fine physique, but a formal dinner isn’t the place for that. You especially don’t want the outline of your nipples showing through your shirt, as that would be quite the embarrassment.

Wearing an undershirt provides a layer of privacy between your body and the dress shirt, allowing you to work an event stress-free with or without the presence of strong lights.

Additional Layer

An undershirt should also prove beneficial in cold weather, adding a level of insulation, so you don’t get cold too quickly. It might even allow you to ditch that thick outer layer, which could ruin your entire ensemble.


There’s protection from the elements and shirt protection. Yes, you heard that right; an undershirt also safeguards your shirt from the sweat, dirt, and oils your body produces.

In particular, undershirts help absorb oil and sweat, keeping them from reaching your dress shirt. Thus, regardless of the stressful situations you get subjected to, your dress shirt will remain crisp and clean.

Though, take note that an undershirt can only stave off pit stains for so long. Make time for taking care of a sweaty situation in the bathroom before your undershirt gives up. Better yet, have an extra undershirt packed so you can change when you need to.

How Can You Avoid an Undershirt Fashion Disaster?

Wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt may help for the most part, but there are situations when it doesn’t. Let’s talk about how to avoid being in these situations.

Don’t Use T-Shirts as Undershirts

You might be advised to wear an undershirt beneath your dress shirt, but that doesn’t mean you can choose just any shirt. It is crucial to wear the right type of shirt where these fashion decisions are concerned, which means no t-shirts. In case you’re pulled into a situation where you have no choice but to wear a t-shirt, you’ll find it won’t be as efficient as an undershirt.

Another big reason to avoid using regular shirts as undershirts is their fitting. They’ll fit in a way that leaves outlines through the shirt, which isn’t attractive by any means.

Undershirts Should Fit Snugly

As mentioned previously, you want to avoid wearing t-shirts as undershirts because of their fit. T-shirts are generally looser than undershirts, meaning they’d show prominently beneath your dress shirt.

Loose-fitting undershirts could give you the same problem. Thus, make sure to pick an undershirt that fits snugly if you’re planning to wear it with your dress shirt.

An undershirt that fits just right won’t crease, fold, or mark through your shirt. That said, while you want a shirt to be tight-fitting, you don’t want it to be too tight that it restricts your movement.

Undershirts Shouldn’t Show

Even with your dress shirt unbuttoned, it’s not attractive for the collar of your undershirt to show. That means you need to be particular with the type of undershirt you wear, too.

If you plan on unbuttoning the top two buttons of your dress shirt any time during an event, make sure to have a v-neck shirt underneath so that no part of your undershirt shows. If you don’t, then a crew-neck undershirt should be passable.

Remember, the so-called “special suit undershirt” doesn’t exist. Always keep in mind these guidelines when selecting an undershirt to wear with your dress shirt.

A Dress Shirt Fits Better With an Undershirt

An undershirt worn beneath a dress shirt can keep you looking presentable for longer. When chosen correctly, an undershirt can also upgrade your look and prevent fashion faux pas from taking place. Choose the right undershirt style, size, and colour to go with your dress shirt, and get ready for a relatively worry-free event.