Polo Shirts – 5 Style Tips For Wearing A Polo

Polo Shirts – 5 Style Tips For Wearing A Polo

Clint Eastwood - Wearing a Polo Shirt - Blazer

5 Style Tips For Wearing A Polo

Wearing a polo is not as easy as you might think. Why? Because not only are there different ways to actually wear a polo, but your overall look will also depend on what you are wearing with it. A polo is a timeless and classic piece of men’s attire. Standing the test of time and never going out of fashion. Here we briefly outline some tips for getting the right look.

Burt Reynolds - Wearing a Polo Shirt timeless

Polo Shirts are timeless

Button Up / Indie-boy Look

Over the past decade polo shirts themselves have seen a massive resurrection in men’s fashion, especially in the retro and vintage styles. Many contemporary music icons have helped to drive their popularity, often wearing the polo buttoned up to the top. If you wish to follow their button-up example, it is important the rest of your outfit matches. To start off with, choose some appropriate jeans, either slim fit or standard fit. Quite simply you will look rather ridiculous if you wear a buttoned up polo accompanied by baggy jeans and big trainers.

Polo Shirts - with a Blazer Pitti Uomo

Perfect example just change to a polo shirt

Choosing a Colour

Popular choices are white, black and navy. However if you are feeling bit more daring you could choose brighter colours such as yellow or pink. Again you will need to ensure the rest of your outfit matches. White polos can be worn with pretty much anything, but other colours will need more consideration. Yellow and pink polos go well with chinos or lighter coloured trousers/shorts.

Daniel Craig - Wearing a polo Shirt - James Bond

Never Tuck It In

Unless you want to look like you are 65 and heading down the golf course, do not tuck your polo shirt in. Even if you are wearing a blazer and jacket over the top, the fact that you are adorning a collar will mean you look smart enough. You don’t need to ruin your look by tucking it in.

Pick The Right Size And Fit

How obvious is this? Getting the right size AND fit/cut is vitally important. Not all polo shirts are made the same. For example some work in conventional sizes e/g small, medium, large, extra large etc, whilst others will go on chest sizes such as 38, 40, 42. Lacoste work slightly differently to this using a numbering system. On top of all this you also need to think about the fitting style. For example some manufacturers will have a slim fit range, which essentially means all their polos are fitted. This means that in reality a medium may feel more like a size small. So the best advice is to not get caught out, either try it on first or if buying online check the measurements.

Lacoste live le Berlinois black polo 2013

Smart or Casual?

The best thing about polos is that they can be worn for both smart as well as casual occasions. For casual wear they go great with jeans and trainers. For smarter events as mentioned they look great with chinos or even dark trousers. Light jackets or blazers can also go well with a polo, but again colour and cut are all important.

Polo shirts - and Blue Blazers with polo shirts

Replace the shirts with a polo shirt

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