Prepare to Impress: The Best First Date Tips for Men

Prepare to Impress: The Best First Date Tips for Men

First impressions go a long way in the dating world, especially on a first date. Maybe you’re meeting someone you connected with online in person for the first time. Or maybe you’re taking someone you know from real life on a date. Either way, the trick is putting forward the best version of yourself.

Here are some surefire first date tips for men that will leave an impression and, hopefully, land you a second date.

Be on Time  Or Early

If you’re scheduled to meet your date at a specific time and place, make sure you’re on time. Even better – be early. Being punctual shows your date that you value their time. If you keep them waiting, you could give off vibes that you’re not considerate of them and their schedule, which can be off-putting.

Some easy ways to be on time include leaving early in case you find yourself hitting unexpected traffic. If you’re meeting your date somewhere you’ve never been before, map out the route in advance.

Offer to Pick Them Up

Offering to pick up your date and drive them to wherever you’re headed – the movies, dinner, drinks – is a sweet gesture that leaves a good impression.

Of course, only offer this if your date is someone you know in real life. If you’re meeting someone you matched with on a dating app for the first time, offering to pick them up at their home might come across as a little creepy.

Dress to Impress

The outfit you choose for your first date matters. Don’t wear anything tattered, ripped, or baggy. Tailor your outfit to what you’re doing for your date. If you’re riding bikes or going for a hike, put on athletic wear that’s in good condition. If you’re going to a formal event, wear a suit or tux. Assess your destination and dress appropriately.

If you’re taking your date to something more middle of the road, like dinner and a movie, you want to be comfortable, but not too casual. At the same time, don’t overdress for the occasion. A neat pair of slacks, a sport coat, and a well-fitting t-shirt or polo shirt will do the trick.

Create an Emotional Anchor Through Scent

Another easy dating tip: Smelling good goes a long way when trying to impress your date. After showering before your date, dab a little cologne on you. Nothing overpowering, but something your date will enjoy, such as Hugo Boss fragrance.

Scent is a strong memory inducer. By having a unique scent that is all your own, you can create lasting memories for your date.

Create an Emotional Anchor Through Scent

Be a Gentleman

As you get to know your date, be a gentleman. Open doors pull out seats, the whole nine yards. Also, be sure to avoid offensive or tasteless jokes. And keep your language clean.

If you’re just getting to know your date, you don’t know what may or may not offend them. Something that seems innocuous to you could be distasteful to them.

Ask Good Questions and Practice Active Listening

Don’t monopolize the conversation. Use this time as an opportunity to get to know your date. Ask about their interests, family, career, and long-term goals. Show them that you’re interested in getting to know them.

And actively listen. This is more than simply listening to what they’re saying. It’s about fully focusing on what is being said. Use your body language to show them that you’re paying attention. Offer feedback and ask follow-up questions.

Open Up About Yourself

As much as you want to get to know your date, they want to get to know you as well. Don’t clam up when asked questions or answer with a monosyllabic yes or no. Share complete thoughts when talking about yourself.

Share your own background, career goals, and hobbies. This will provide a sense of whether you’re compatible enough to continue dating. And remember, it’s equally important to not overshare. The first date isn’t the place to talk about heavy issues. It’s a chance to get to know one another on a basic level.

Compliment Your Date

A kind word can have a big impact. Complimenting your date is a good way to boost their spirits and show your interest. Make sure your compliment comes across as authentic and real, though. And try to compliment something they’re wearing, like a piece of jewelry or clothing item that catches your eye, rather than a physical attribute.

And don’t overdo it with the compliments. Too many can backfire and come across as smothering and clingy.

Project Confidence, Not Cockiness

Confident people go far in life, including on dates. At the same time, you don’t want to come across as an arrogant jerk. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. The key to not crossing it is to know yourself and recognize when you might be verging on arrogance, then reeling it in.

Know your strengths, but also understand your limitations. Display humility when appropriate. And don’t dominate the conversation with your list of attributes. This will only turn off your date.

Don’t Try Too Hard

If you’re trying too hard to impress your date, they’ll be able to tell. This can be embarrassing for both of you. It’s important to relax and be yourself. After all, they’re there to get to know the real you, not some image of yourself you’re trying to project.

The easiest way to get a second date is by being your authentic self. By trying too hard or being fake, you’ll likely turn off your date.

Follow Up After the Date

Forget about playing games, like waiting a few days to reach out after a date. If you had a good time, then tell them so the next day. There’s no need to wait.

The follow-up is as important as the date itself. It will determine where your relationship goes. If you like them, tell them. Ask them out again. Be upfront and continue connecting with them. Texting between dates will keep the conversation flowing and build your relationship.

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