Sex Addiction – Why Does It Appear So On Trend

Sex Addiction – Why Does It Appear So On Trend

Sex, drugs, excitement, money, success, power why are some men and women now seeking that ‘special ingredient ‘that will bring them contentment happiness and peace. So why do some men become addicted to sex and why does it appear so on trend? Pornography and sex seems to be easily available cheaply accessible, the ‘quick fix’ era is well and truly NOW! It’s a million dollar question but I believe is in line with every other addiction from gambling to drugs. What seems to be the result of this desperate searching for something? Who knows what the drivers are? Possibly loneliness, boredom, the need to be wanted or loved or the attention  it gives you and the list goes on.


The Bi Product Of This Behavior And It Aint Pretty!

What the world is concerned about is the bi product of this behavior and it aint pretty! Our health clearly suffers as a result of this type of behavior and ranges from depression, drug and alcohol dependency/addiction, dissatisfaction and a lack of self love, self worth and self respect. We seem to be a planet of humans that are wired for pleasure and for some, using sex can be another form of  fantasy that can not only bring excitement but a deep need for escapism. The world can be a tough place that often is full of injustice. Research suggests more and more people are less and less content with their lives and are seeking out new ways to relieve them selves of lives daily boredoms and routine. Is sex the answer?

The constant chase is to achieve the utopia! But is that really realistic, the truth is no one has the perfect  job or life. What we seem to do is compare our inside to others outsides, we see the masks people put on and don’t realize that often underneath there are many challenges/issues people have to deal with on a daily basis that are hard. It would appear holding those values and being responsibly accountable adults is just too much like hard work .

The truth is it is not easy sometimes and that’s the reality, but if these ‘unwritten laws’ are adhered too  wonderful rewards really will emerge. Feeling fulfilled, understood, more in control and at peace are all part of these rewards which also include self love self respect and a greater sense of confidence.

Honestly I Experience Them On A Daily Basis

And how do I know? Well I can honestly say I experience them on a daily basis. The real way forward to ensure many addictions, sex included are to go  back to the basics. Self-discipline, persistence, patience, honesty, self care and true authenticity do not seem to be of such value today as they once where. Truly working towards them as goals leave people with what they believe to be boring and dull lives!

Yet guilt shame and blame seem to be the words of the 20th century. Life’s unfair seems to be shouted from all ends of the earth  from wars, broken marriages/relationships  neglected, abused and suffering children are all often the results of too busy a life and a self first attitude. So what can we do to transform  the world around and make it a happier safer please to be in with more unity and peace and love.

Want to know the real answers? It is so simple (bet you did not want to hear that) As Michael Jackson would say and sadly was unable to do it himself. Be the change you want to see in the world. That means, YES it starts with you. So what can you really do and if you change yourself.  How the hell can that change the world?

The Transformation Success

I personally can vouch for the transformational success! I may only be one tiny cog in the world but I have not only made a difference to how I feel about my self but the knock on effect has been profound. If you have read this far you are really curious. So now ( I hope) you are getting braced to find out what to do?  First question is what do you want? Do you really want to see the world as one? A safer happier place?  Yes, Then do the work! Sorry to offend anyone but that’s the bottom line. Actions speaks louder tan words.

As Socrates Once Said  Know Thyself

YOU have to clean your act up!

It’s a process that doesn’t happen over night, eating healthily, taking regular breaks from work, resting, taking regular exercise, being honest being authentic being of service. Treating others and our selves with love compassion and respect.

  • Being loyal, working out difficulties and not going towards addictive behaviors substances to ‘relieve ourselves’ .
  • Finding a sense of spiritualty for guidance .
  • Learn about who you are and ONLY then can the world be a better place.
  • I may be no expert of the world’s political dilemmas but I am an expert on ME.
  • I know who I am and it took time patience, perseverance and a higher power to get it.

As Socrates once said “know thyself”

NOW is the time to change NOT tomorrow next year when the kids leave home when you get the new job when you retire when you have enough money its NOW!

And finally there are 12 step programs for addiction that can really transform behavior so remember to always ask for help.


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sandra crathern

I trained as a registered nurse and worked for many years as one of the unsung heroines of the health industry. I had a family and juggled a job, house, husband and kids just like millions of women do Protection Status

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