SnapLove Paparazzi – The Undercover Photographer

SnapLove Paparazzi – The Undercover Photographer

The internet is completely saturated with wedding photos. We find them continuously through our Facebook News Feed’s and quite simply, it gets a bit boring. Wedding photos are nice to have, but they capture staged emotion as opposed to raw. Raw emotion is what love is all about right? Well yesterday I talked to SnapLove Paparazzi who have a whole new photography concept that I think is genius.


SnapLove Paparazzi is a company based in France that specifically photographs the proposal. They capture the raw emotion of a loved one being proposed to, but in complete secret. The photographer will advise you on the right locations and times of day to take the photos specifically so the photos can be the best quality possible. This is all about being secret, so evening shots can be tricky with a very revealing flash!


How It Works

Let’s say you want to ask your significant other to marry you. You give SnapLove a call and tell them your plan for the proposal. SnapLove will then use this information to go undercover to take pictures of your whole evening before and during the proposal itself. The assigned photographer will also suggest location changes when necessary to ensure that the images are as perfect as possible.


During my conversation with SnapLove I was told of stories that almost sounded like a movie. The lengths that SnapLove will go to in order to get the perfect pictures is truly incredible.

What’s The Big Deal?

Having professional proposal photos is something that is rarely captured and even when it is, it’s on one of your friend’s mobile phone cameras (poor quality). Capturing this special moment on camera would be a memory you could look back on just as fondly as your actual wedding photos!


Planning A Proposal or Not

If you’re planning a proposal, you need to make sure that you take some time to consider working with SnapLove to make sure the moment is as special and as raw as possible. Operating solely in France at this time, consider the beautiful city of Paris to propose. I mean it’s the city of love after all.

If you’re not planning a proposal, SnapLove can work just as well if you’re looking get some romantic shots of a walk in the park or day out. Go and get an idea of pricing & ideas by sending them an email using the address at the end of the article. Before you do so, take a look at some of the amazing photos they have already taken for all their clients.

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