Whilst at Dubai Fashion Week we noticed Shaun Ross.  The simple reason he is the man that does not fit the bill when it comes to pre conceived images on a catwalk. But that is what  I adore about male fashion there are no rules to who ends up promoting your brand.

Shaun Ross is an American professional fashion model, actor and dancer of African descent. He is best known for being the first male albino model. So how encouraging and empowering to everyone watching from a  fashion world perspective. That finally we are displaying God’s beauty in a different way.

His Stage Presence

For us Shaun’s  stage presence took the show to another level. He gave a unique look to Velsvoir collection which left a long lasting impression.  Among-st the other models Shaun was powerful because  of what he looks like.  it was this uniqueness that gave a  positive and refreshing perspective to all those around him.  Off stage he is fun too.

Ross recently became the face of Ford Vehicles with the slogan “Be Unique”.

I say God’s beauty, God’s Creation.  Take it from me. We are all unique.