You know when your on a winner when you allow your followers to cast their votes on what they like for shoes this 2014.  So it seems we are all loving everything with suede. These shoes are lite, versatile and damn right super cool. They can be worn with anything, anytime and perfect for the up and coming spring summer season. The perfect combination is teaming them with cuffed trousers. For the simple reason you want to show every part of your suede shoes to any one noticing.


The Dominant Colors are Grey, Dark Blue and Brown

These are the three staple colours you should opt for. For the simple reason they go with almost every other  clothing colour. Suede shoes are a timeless piece very robust for many occasions. In fact I think any thing suede is a perfect shoe for your first date.  It gives out a nice. clean message, that in a subtle way your you are a man who takes care of the important things in life.

Just like us women our shoes define who we are even when we don’t feel like it.

Taking Care of Your Suede

Salt will ruin leather and suede, but the fear that suede shoes will be damaged with a mere drop of rain is not true. With care and attention, suede shoes can be worn over and over. Simply brushing off dirt after every use, and applying a suede protecting spray, to fend off nasty stains. Some stains will disappear into the nap, or the fibers, on darker pairs of suede shoes. When storing suede shoes for a long time,  put them in a dry place so damp can’t damage them. When not in season put them in a breathable bag, like a pillowcase so you protect them from dust but also allowed your shoes to breathe.

The following shoe brands are mine and our followers favorite 6 top shoe brands voted on MenStyleFashion Facebook.



CHURCHS Sahara Brown Suede Chukka Boots


TOPMAN Brogues




Armani Wingtip Boots


Brunello Cucinelli