Valentine’s Day Boutique – Mejuri Jewelry Revolution

Valentine’s Day Boutique – Mejuri Jewelry Revolution

It is coming to that time of year when men either love Valentine’s Day or they hate it, emotions run high for many reasons. What on earth am I going to get my partner for Valentine’s Day? Usually, when it comes to buying jewelry, you have two choices: expensive classic pieces or pieces of costume jewelry that look very cheap. Valentine’s Day is one of those days when I can promote female products on MenStyleFashion. Today I am talking about Mejuri, a company that sells unique small-range pieces of jewelry, this will make your loved one feel that she is someone very special.  The great news is that the Jewelry at Mejuri is very affordable. 

Mejuri The Exception

The founders behind Mejuri, Noura Sakkijha, and Justine Lançon wanted to create a different company. Noura has three generations of knowledge in the fine jewelry industry and Justine has creative experience working with some of the world’s top fashion brands. This gave both of them the confidence to start a jewelry revolution and Mejuri was launched. They set out to make jewelry that works well within the lifestyle of 2016. Their current collections are jaw-dropping, simple, and elegant at the same time. The pieces they created are subtle and blend well into her existing wardrobe without the added stress of knowing what matches.

Classic Jewelry Manufacturing Techniques

Noura and Justine use manufacturers they know personally and work with designers that have created luxury jewelry for decades. These relationships mean that all of their pieces are crafted with time-honored intricacy, made with precious enduring materials, and are hand finished. This jewelry is made according to classic manufacturing techniques. In their own words:

“It’s the one jewelry tradition we were happy to continue. As for everything else, we had some plans for reinvention.” “we said au revoir to the middlemen”

They deal directly with the manufacturers, which means you get the highest quality minus the huge price tags. The other key factor is that quality control is also monitored to a standard that they know the consumers will be happy with. Combine the quality with small unique ranges and you get clients that want to come back season after season.

Valentines Day Boutique

The Valentine’s Day Boutique features a selection of top-rated products, and each of these pieces has been worn and loved by fashion icons and bloggers. These fashion bloggers have collected a few pieces that have gathered their attention, and their picks will help you choose something that she will love based on her character and personality.  Because it’s timeless but trendy, she will wear it every day knowing that it represents who she is, and in some cases what you deem her to be.

The boutique features four different types of jewelry known by the names Happiness, Heart, Off the Chain, and The Daily Jacket.


The limited edition Happiness collection is there to spread happiness into the women of your life. This collection of gold-dipped silver necklaces has a gold-dipped pendant with a natural gemstone together with an engraved word with a unique meaning like Happiness, Courage, Love, Positivity, Gratitude, and Balance. You know which meaning best describes your loved one. What a fabulous idea.


Happiness Collection by Mejuri


Hearts are classic pieces of jewelry with a twist. This is a range of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings that are made of silver or gold-dipped silver and feature a heart symbol dotted with cubic zirconias. Make your loved one stand out on Valentine’s Day with these beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry. This colour is versatile for many outfits too.


Heart Collection by Mejuri – bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces

Part of the heart collection is the Dainty Black heart necklace. If she is slightly mischievous, and a love for black, the Dainty Black Heart Necklace is the perfect ornament. Made in 18k gold plated sterling silver, this piece was inspired by the concept of the “Little Black Dress”; bold, beautiful and a necessity for every woman. If you’re like me not a fan of black little touch like this is just perfect.


Dainty Black Heart Necklace

Off The Chain

This is a collection of chainrings, bracelets, and necklaces made of gold or silver with symbols that express a women’s personality and versatility. These symbols include Hearts, Hamsa (the Arabic word for hand), Smiley Face, Evil Eye, Oui (Yes in French), XO, Horse Shoe, Lucky Clover, Star, Lips, Lace, and Bunny. Play up on her many moods. Would you like to guess which one symbolizes me? Send out a tweet and hashtag #gracieopulanza #mejuri #valentinesday


Off The Chain collection by Mejuri – Gold & Silver Bracelets


Off The Chain Collection by Mejuri – Chain rings


Off the Chain by Mejuri – The Evil Eye chain ring


Off the Chain by Mejuri – The Evil Eye Necklace

The Daily Jacket

This is a collection of ear jackets (fancy name for earrings) that take her from day to night effortlessly.


With all these choices you can be sure to find something special for her. If you still can’t make up your mind there is still the Mejuri gift card to help you out.

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