The career of a sports person is short and one that will not last them a lifetime so they have to consider alternatives. Many look to businesses when they should be looking at the best forex trading platform, whilst many stay in their field to coach or do punditry work. However, some take to the world of fashion and try to put their own stamp on that world just like they did in their sporting career.

So who are the best sports people to really prosper in the world of fashion with their own brand?

David Beckham (@davidbeckham)

david beckham

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England midfielder was already involved with fashion during his playing days. He was always into his appearance and pushing boundaries with his fashion choices. From hairstyles to sarongs to sunglasses, Beckham was the name to have.

Beckham did have deals with Adidas, H&M and Marks & Spencer, where he had his own fashion range within their stores. The M&S range proved hugely popular with young people and the middle aged man with regards the H&M deal.

However, Beckham also helped relaunch a brand with inspiration for the English countryside; where he absolutely loves. Kent & Curwen was struggling until Beckham came on board to make some superb decisions from Guy Ritchie/ Peaky Blinders inspired fashion.

Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

The tennis superstar may have had brand deals with Nike and HSN but she also created her own fashion brand. With the brand named after herself Serena the collection is meant to help inspire women and deliver positive messaging.

After years of people telling her it could not be done, she set it up and included items in her collection that is of a wide variety. Items such as denim, blazers, dresses and the obvious athleisure pieces.

Victor Cruz (@victorcruz)

victor cruz fashion

The former New York Giants wide receiver has been a fashion icon for a long time. Cruz has even been involved with New York fashion week. He has been collaborating with Nike, Hugo Boss and Hubolt on designs. He has his own clothing line but is looking to expand and create his own brand.

Cruz promotes sustainability within the fashion industry.

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

Cristiano Ronaldo fashion

The Manchester United striker might not have retired just yet but he is entering the twilight of his career *queue Ronaldo to carry on playing till he is 50*. However, he already has his own fashion brand set up. Named after his signature stamp CR7, Ronaldo has quite the fashion line including men’s shirts, denim and socks. He also branched out into a fragrance in 2015.

Dwayne Wade (@dwyanewade)

Dwayne wade

The former Miami Heat star has collaborated with sock brand, Stance, since 2013. After this brand deal, he decided to expand into his own fashion brand called Pkwy specialising in socks.

They offered officially licensed team socks for the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. The collection now has links to art, fashion, music and sports. It includes 18 styles in different three colours.