This weekend saw Britain get its first taste of the illusive summer weather. Alongside this break in the gloomy grey skies came a slew of men with their beer guts out, tatty old shorts and flip flops left over from their summer holiday.

As the British population rarely sees the sun they seem to neglect their summer wardrobe, hence summer involves recycling old holiday clothes and workout gear. This should not be the case, if you usually dress well then transfer this over to your summer attire.

Hide The Gut

We have all seen it and some readers may even be guilty of it, as soon as there suns got his hat on men take their shirts off. Unless you are on a beach this is never a good look, even if you have a chiselled physique there is a time and a place for you to stroll around shirtless and your local shopping mall is not it. Stay cool by opting for light cotton blends and light colours; it is scientifically proven dark colours absorb more heat! So ditch the dark colours, not only do they attract more heat but will also show any sweat marks a lot easier (never a good look).

Mr Hare & Mr Start - 2014 Summer Collection (5)

Know Your Face

A weird title but men should know the shape of the face; this is in order to know what sunglasses suit them. For example if you have an Oval face a larger frame will show off your cheek bones, where as a smaller frame on this face shape will elongate the face. A good retailer (or a good friend) in this case Ricki Hall  tells you what suits your face.

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Many high street retailers are starting to recognise the need for stylish summer wear and have expanded what they offer. TOPMAN & Mr Hare & Mr Start carry a great line of tailored shorts, find a style that suits you. Remember closer fitting items will give you a more tailored look but too tight and your “boys” will be overheating. Avoid loose fits if you have thinner legs as this will only make them appear even thinner, no one wants chicken legs.

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Update your modelling portfolio with Maria Scard

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Mr Hare & Mr Start - 2014 Summer Collection (4)