Summer Wedding – Groom Suits Trends Made In Italy

Summer Wedding – Groom Suits Trends Made In Italy

The return of Italian summer weddings is delightful to see. What tuxedo colours are men choosing to wear? What is the Beckham hairstyle trend for generation Z? What SUV trends for young couples to venture through the Tuscan hills of Italy? Why would you invest in a bespoke suit from Italy?

Why Wed In Tuscany Italy?

Why did Travis and Courtney get married and get sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana this weekend in Portofino, Italy? Why do USA celebrities choose Italy to tie the knot? Tuscany is very popular for international weddings because it is stunning and romantic. Nostalgic weddings for this year are all about turning back the calendar. Different grooms and brides desire different journeys. With Covid 19 many people have saved their cash for a wedding of pure style and opulence.


Getting married is all about stylish locations in a historical setting with unobtrusive views. If you have the time and cash invest in a bespoke suit from Italy.

Audi SUV Style

Tuscany is full of hills, rough roads and steep descent when getting married on historical hilltop villages. One could opt for the classical car. But on this occasion, they chose an AudiQ8. Great for plus size Americans with comfort and security of getting to the church on time.

plusize grrom and bride AudiQ8 wedding SUV italy

Groom Tuxedo Trends

Whether you choose to be eco-friendly and rent your suit. it all comes down to budget. Team MSF on this occasion would encourage the groom to splash out of a bespoke suit. Choose one that could be upcycled for other wedding occasions. one can mix and match accessories for other occasions. Take a close look at this electric blue tuxedo. With detailed accessories both on his tie and how it is buttoned up at the front.

A wonderful plus size tip for grooms with bulging tummies. The button chain tie allows more room to move and groove as a groom.

MenStyleFashion Groom wedding Tuscany

Can you see how much stomach space and room he has to move without compromising the look of the suit? Also, photography on the day is all about focusing on how the groom looks and feels on the day. Days are long gone with grooms looking old and uncomfortable. Look for a stretch suit cloth for flexibility if you are on the obese side.

MenStyleFashion Groom wedding Tuscany

Burgundy Groom

This looks super effortlessly stylish. Stands out as a confident groom. Tight stretch trousers are ever so popular amongst young grooms. Again very flexible for plus size men. Red wine suits like this are slimming on the legs. It also gives short-legged grooms more height effect.

MenStyleFashion Groom wedding Tuscany

Team it with a bow tie and a detailed male grooming beard. And of course, we are in Italy. Don’t forget a pair of stylish sunglasses for the day.

For the father of the bride, one can’t go wrong with the grey suit.

Burgandy wine red groom suits wedding Italy

Sockless Loafers

Generation Z is commanding sockless loafers for special occasions. In summer, it gets very hot here in Italy. This makes perfect comfortable sense. Invest in a leather pair for future use. Opt for velvet slippers if you are seeking a more Platnium Jubilee royal vibe and you can wear this all over again in June in the UK.

groom menstylefashion wedding tuscany

Slim Groom

Some men like to opt for a more traditional bespoke slimming suit. So get measured and nothing wrong with a classical groom. These two are gorgeous couples with a very traditional way of celebrating their day. A simple bow tie matching yellow rose for his wife.  And traditional brogues that can be worn again for work.

Groom Italy MenStyleFashion wedding

This groom was all about eyes on his bride and stepping back and admiring his women. Opt for some quirky socks.

male groom suits trends

Very youthful suit with a tight-fitting vest for celebrations later on. Once again the classic blue suit is popular for summer. Opt for a lightweight suit to combat the souring heat and your future parents in law.

HairStyles For Grooms

The popular summer hairstyle for men as we can see. Is the low Fade With Side Part And Comb-Over. If you want a slightly longer top, you can get a lower fade with a side part. When it comes to the part, you’ll need to check your face shape and see where it’s best placed.

hairstyle for men groom wedding

It comes down to your personal style and what image you want to give out on the day. Opt for an interesting pattern on the back of your hair. Lots will be staring at the back of your head at church.

Does our trend forecast interest you? Opt for your bride’s name on the back of your head.

wedding italy groom bride MenStyleFashion

Whatever the day make sure you have a ball and don’t overthink too much about what others think. Grooms get involved and make sure you share with your future bride that it is also your special day. Make sure you wear something that you truly feel confident and comfiotable in.


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